two-level apartment of 300 m2 in Kiev

Passing the gallery

Stylist: Angelica Garusova

Text: Alexandra Terentyeva

A photo: Eduard Stelmakh

Project author: Valeria Zavgorodneva

Magazine: de Luxe Classic N1 2012

This apartment is located in a house with more than a century of history. To the architect Valeria Zavgorodneva managed to revive the atmosphere of former luxury and give the classical interior a modern sound

The history of the creation of this interior began almost 10 years ago, when a young family acquired their first joint apartment in the center of Kiev. The house, built in the beginning of the 20th century, attracted customers with its beautiful architecture and good location. However, during its long life the apartment experienced a lot of shocks, and about the former magnificence of the interior was only a ceiling stucco, miraculously preserved in several rooms. “The main demand of the customers was the re-creation of the historical atmosphere of the era in which the house was built. Therefore, we turned to such a direction as eclecticism, ”says Valeria Zavgorodneva. However, it was only after long years of official approval of the project that it began to work, because the house is an architectural monument.

The two-level apartment space is divided into a public presentation zone and a complex of private premises. On the ground floor there is a living room, dining room, kitchen and guest bedroom. The main staircase leads from the main living room to the second floor where there is a small living room, an office and an additional guest room. A small hall separates the master bedroom from the rest of the second floor. Stylistically, the apartment is also divided into two levels. The interior of the attic floor is designed in a modern minimalist manner. Respectable classics dominates the ground floor. The stuccoed decoration of ceilings, made in different styles, reminds of the eclectic character of the original interior. “For us it was extremely important to keep the ceiling moldings. Before replacing the dilapidated wooden floors, casts were taken and sketches of all the surviving samples were made. Subsequently, the ornaments were recreated with historical accuracy, "- says Valeria Zavgorodneva. Stucco moldings in the Neo-Baroque style in the living room, like the doors made according to the author’s drawings, are tinted with light gilding. Soft beige and golden tones give the living room at the same time solemnity and warmth, perfectly complementing the basic white color of this interior. In the dining room, on the contrary, the white color of the walls, the floor and the ceiling is underlined with cool gray and greenish shades. The guest bedroom is designed in non-Moorish style. Bright, rich shades of burgundy, green and violet, characteristic of this direction, found their place in the pattern of Indian marble, which laid the floor, as well as in the decoration of walls and ceiling. The high status of the interior and its representative character are underlined by the choice of finishing materials. The floors in all rooms on the first floor are covered with Italian and Indian marble. The wall at the front staircase is decorated with a special light coating imitating this noble material. The use of such coverage due to the location of the apartment on the top floor of the house. Thus, it was possible to reduce the load on the walls without losing expressiveness.

The contrast of the glossy surface of marble with the soft velvety structure of the wall covering SIA creates an interesting textured effect. Despite the rich decoration and use of baroque-style furniture, the interior does not look overloaded. Quotes from different styles and epochs are balanced by concise white color and wonderfully intertwined in an open and completely modern in their spirit space.

Architect Valeria Zavgorodneva: “The amazing atmosphere of this apartment struck me even during my first visit. A successful layout, high ceilings, the once beautiful stucco decor talked about how impressive the interior of this old house was once. I wanted to restore this feeling of luxury and spaciousness in the future interior. The result of more than a decade of work met the expectations of customers, and the forces I invested. The result was a bright, expressive interior in a classic style, retaining the signs of an eclectic era. ”