In your skin

Leather as a fashion trend in design

Passing the gallery

Leading headings: Karina Chumakova

Magazine: N11 (122) 2007

Yes, in order to live with leather furniture, you need a certain amount of composure, but it's worth it. A tactilely perfect surface that exists in hundreds of processing options, from embossed to aged, breathes, absorbs sounds and pleases the eye

With all the obvious advantages of the skin is very ambiguous reputation. On the one hand, she always had a halo of exclusivity and unquestionable elegance, on the other hand, the skin in the interior is considered capricious and unsparing. If its merits do not require additional evidence, then with flaws, not everything is so obvious. It would seem that, historically, leather made things that experienced the greatest operational loads, such as traveling chests, yurts, nomads, and samurai armor, and now the leather sofa in the living room causes awe.

The thing is that in the era of total standardization, we have forgotten how to appreciate the differences with the ideal and imperfections. And leather things are the chronicle of life, eventually wiping, covered with abrasions and wrinkles, growing up and wise with us. In addition, in ancient times, raw materials were used for furniture that were three to four millimeters thick, extremely soft and durable. One glance at the Chesterfield sofa is enough to make sure that he doesn’t care about the centuries. Processing options that approximate skin thickness to paper, and softness to cashmere, are very attractive, but only suitable for gloves and perforated nappa blankets that are fashionable this season.