In an old mansion

new office in Moscow

Passing the gallery

Text: Nina Farizova

A photo: Alexey Kalmykov, Roman Zelentsov

Idea: Dmitry Ovcharov, Boris Voskoboinikov

Project author: Daria Resurrection

Magazine: N4 (148) 2010

The office of this international advertising agency is located in an old noble mansion. In the 1930s, Belinsky lived in it, and in the Soviet years the Red Cross was located. Customers certainly wanted a “unique and creative” office space and were satisfied with the end result. It is very organic and almost imperceptibly coexist classic and high-tech. Modernity is visible immediately, and the classic decor, as a remark on the margins, manifests itself in stucco on the ceiling, paneled doors and slightly restored brickwork, which has surprisingly survived here. However, as the grand staircase, which the architects did not break, but, on the contrary, turned into the main component of the interior. Designer light, bright designer furniture, an abundance of glass and all kinds of highlights make this office really creative and unlike anything else.