'water area' of the future

Disco Aquatoria (St. Petersburg) Dmitry Mikhailov

Passing the gallery

Text: Nadezhda Serebryakova

A photo: George Shablovsky

Architect: Vasily Ivanov, Dmitry Mikhailov

Magazine: (37) 2000

The coming millennium involves a breakthrough of new technologies in all areas of human activity, including architecture and design. Modern materials, the latest lighting installations and acoustic systems make it possible to create an interior of an unrecognized future. A striking example of this is the disco "Aquatoria" (St. Petersburg, Vyborg embankment, 16). The theme of the harsh northern seas pushed architects to create a surrealistic liner, in the center of which there is a dance floor with a stage and a moving podium. The entrance to the disco - an interpretation of the cabin of the submarine, which pierces the thickness of the iceberg and breaks out into the free space of the disco. This creates a feeling of overcoming obstacles, a victory over conventions, and those entering with pleasure are immersed in the atmosphere of an energetic holiday. Many metal elements and surfaces skillfully illuminated with neon lamps, bar counters in the form of holes in the ship's hull - all this reinforces the impression of "drift among the ice" and the general unreality of what is happening.