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The head of the company Provasi Enrico Provazi about what is a real classic and is there a fashion in it

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Completely refuting the common misconception that the classics are boring, the Provasi company has been mainly replicating the last fifty years. "Historic" furniture from Provasi looks relevant and is expensive. What is a real classic and whether there is a fashion in it, the head of the company Enrico Provazi told Salon magazine in an interview

Salon: On what basis do you pick up items for your collections? - I am guided by the fact that. This is mainly the English style of the XVI-XVII centuries. Although lately I began to study architects of the 20s of the XIX century. They are little known to the general public and therefore very interesting. I feel that in ten years these very things will be in fashion. S: Feel it? Did you use this word by chance? - This is a kind of intuition. Like all artists, I think about it from morning to evening, sometimes ideas come even in a dream ... If I want to do something, I do it, then I show it to a famous architect or designer. If the designer likes it, I offer it to my clients. If people like this thing, they accept it - we include it in our collection.S: In your opinion, should the ambience of your furniture be modern or classic too? - If the whole apartment is made in the classics - it is too heavy, if only in a modern style - too cold. The right combination of classic and modern furniture is optimal. Unfortunately, I can’t give names, but the most famous modern architects include our furniture in their modern-style interior designs.S: If I am not mistaken, this approach was not always taken. Forty years ago, classical furniture could exist only in a classical environment ... - Yes, forty years ago, people thought differently, more traditionally. The philosophy, the vision of the classics completely changed in the eighties, when French and American designers first used a mixture of styles. It was like a fresh breeze ...S: Have you been affected by these changes? - Globally - no. We are always on the lookout. Every day I invent something new, draw, make sketches, go to all sorts of exhibitions, the most famous auctions in Paris and London. There are companies that create fashion, and we, “unfortunately”, treat them precisely. For us, the main thing is to be the first, in the sense of offering something completely new.S: So, in the classics there is still a fashion? - Sure. But the classic is good for its durability. If any thing has the correct lines and proportions, it may get bored for 20 years, but will return in 20 years - with some changes, new nuances, but it will be all the same furniture.S: How often does something new appear? - If you think about what was 40 years ago and what is happening now, there are a lot of changes. It looks like a spiral. Today is one, tomorrow is another. The circle has passed, and again, again ... In the production of furniture, there are positions that have certain lines of development and their own history. Every 10 years, the same position gets a second life in accordance with emerging needs.S: What are these positions? - Color, finish ... Now light wood is popular, in previous years it was dark in fashion. For example, in the new collection Provasi there is a library, very light, from cherry, with artificial aging. It is in demand, recently it was even acquired by one very famous French architect. Ten years ago we released it too, only then it was mahogany and lacquered. I am sure that in two hundred years it will also be relevant. S: Where do these changes come from? Their source - new trends in modern furniture? - Current trends are quite difficult to attribute to the classics. Today, these things seem relevant, tomorrow - no longer ...S: What happens after all? - Fashion clothes and accessories are very influential. Mainly on the design of upholstered furniture. For example, several years ago we used wool, cashmere. The trend of this year - lace, velvet. In 2002, we released a new collection "Vintage". It reflects the latest trends in Haute Couture. And at the same time, Vintage revives the fashion of the past.S: How do you feel about companies that interpret the classics in the modern spirit? - They should be forbidden to cut the wood from which they make their furniture. The tree is the only ideal thing that exists in nature. And when I see that someone “read” it incorrectly, I think it would be better to leave it as it is.