Diamond billiard

Billiard tournament in Russian pyramid

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov, Alexey Ustinov, Anna Gorbunova, Elena Efremova, Elena Savina

Text: Marina Volkova, Anna Gorbunova

Magazine: Na (135)

All Thursday, the Billiard tournament in the Russian pyramid, sponsored by the company “Igra”, a Russian manufacturer of luxury designer billiard tables, took place in Manezh

All participants were offered to try their hand. "INTERIOR SHOW" -2008. The two of the strongest reached the final - Simone Budzhiani (BEDDING) and David Yunaev (VERSACE HOME, Russia). The judge of this match was the senior trainer of the Moscow Confederation of Billiard Sports Yevgeny Maslov, who with his son Georgy held a master-class on playing billiards. For victory in the tournament, Russian David Yunaev received a handmade cue as a gift, and for second and third places Simone Budzhiani and Valery Merzoyan (MIFIC) received the billiard cue "Gladiator" of the tournament series. All the winners were presented by the “Igra” company with a certificate with a face value of 30 thousand rubles for the purchase of a collection billiard table.