Andrea mekini

Visiting the head of the factory Mechini

Passing the gallery

Text: Nikolay Fedyanin

A photo: Ivan Sorokin

Magazine: N5 (171) 2012

Italian company Mechini produces amazingly beautiful chandeliers and lamps in a classic style. But, inviting us to his apartment, the head of the factory, Andrea Mekini, immediately warned that his house was modern, and the chandelier was only one. “I'm a little tired of classic interiors,” he explained.

Family Mecini moved to a new home about eight years ago. Andrea says that the main requirement for the interior was the ultimate functionality. “I needed a house in which it would be comfortable to live with two children, three cats and a dog,” he jokes. It seems that by the same principle the house itself was chosen: across the street there is a school where Andrea’s son walks, and a little further away there is a football field where the local football team, in which Andrea plays, plays. The team, by the way, is quite successful in defending the honor of the town of Montefridolfi.

The entire first floor of the house is occupied by a large living room with a fireplace, combined with an entrance hall. Visually, the spaces are highlighted in color. The living room is dominated by gray tones, and the dining room walls are painted in color, which in Italy is called Florentine yellow. And it is no coincidence. Although Andrea Mechini lives near Florence, the factory MECHINI located in this beautiful city, and the family is engaged in the traditional craft of Florence - the production of chandeliers.

The only chandelier in the house MECHINI hanging in a small living room on the second floor - this is a model L257 / 8 with pendants of Bohemian crystal. Andrea says that, as a rule, the metal parts of such a chandelier are covered with silver leaf patina, but he decided to make the chandelier more modern and refused the patina. In addition, the silver color dominates in the design of the living room: it turned out very glamorous. "Glamor?" - asks Andrea. “Probably, this is due to the fact that my wife, Stephanie, was engaged in the interior.”

By the way, on the second floor of the house, in the bedroom, we found another lamp factory MECHINI - a small lamp with a base in the shape of the letter S, which Andrea made specifically for Stephanie. All the chandeliers of the factory are invented by Andrea himself, and he also manufactures most of them himself.

I ask if Andrea plans to release modern chandeliers. “No way,” he says. - Our factory has its own style, and I want to keep it. In general, innovation does not have to be catchy. In 2007, we were the first, or at least one of the first manufacturers of classic-style chandeliers, who began using LEDs to illuminate Murano glass colors. Of course, this is innovation, but within the framework of style. ”