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квартира общей площадью 255 м2 (Санкт-Петербург) Sergey Rogulev

Passing the gallery

Text: Olga Gvozdeva

A photo: Peter Lebedev

Architect: Sergey Rogulev

Finishing work: Tatyana Shipovskikh, Yuri Vorobev

Magazine: (75)

According to the terminology of the Leningrad art critics, the house in which this apartment is located, belongs to the few examples of classicizing modernity. Despite the ambiguity of the wording, Sergei Rogulev managed to create an interior that blends in well with the historical context and is absolutely modernSalon: Sergey, this interior is different from your other projects that we have ever published. You have the role of a hard, uncompromising designer, a kind of "architectural surgeon." But, apparently, there was no “surgical intervention”? Sergey Rogulev: I do not agree with the epithet "uncompromising". vary slightly depending on what kind of person I work with. And if in some cases I actively express my personal feelings, then this project is a product of compromise. However, no creative principles had to be compromised; rather, the tonality had simply changed. The timbre has changed. Appeared softness in the "make-up": in drawing details, introducing classic elements. But at the same time I remained faithful to my approach. I love a clear plan and contrasting volumes.S: What other design resources, in addition to a clear plan and reception of contrast, formed the basis of the project? - First of all, the color ratio of the premises according to the principle “small - large” is observed. Small rooms are painted in rich, often dark colors, large - in white. This also applies to the ratio of the solar and shadow sides. In the rooms facing the sunny side, white color predominates. The premises of the shadow zone are colored, saturated in tone.S: And yet you didn’t manage with design tricks in this apartment. What can be said about the architectural solution of space? - As you can see, the interior is one and half light. But we managed to create in it the second, technical floor (boiler room, laundry room, etc.) and drew the space so as to emphasize its two-tier. From the point of view of the golden proportions, we incorrectly - in half - cut the height of the room and thereby distorted the visual perception of the room. Nevertheless, the eye perceives it as a two-story.S: Let's talk about planning. - The layout is pretty simple. From the dark hallway we enter the light-filled space of the living room. This is followed by a kitchen-dining room almost equivalent in status. In parallel to the suite of ceremonial "halls", the enfilade study is built - a bedroom - a bathroom. A technical floor is located above the low dressing room and does not conflict with the rest of the premises. Living room and dining room are designed in the spirit of the social salon. The whole area of ​​the living room is a kind of party zone. For this room we chose neutral modern sofas and a classic chandelier, hanging it outside the box low. In fact, such a chandelier should hang high, being a source of common light. And we use it as a low suspension for local lighting of the sofa area. In my opinion, this is a good compromise, respecting parity between the historical context of the environment (in a broad sense) and modern interior design.S: By the way, about modern filling. One is struck by the scrupulousness with which you always feel about the appearance of video audiotechnics in the interior. To disguise it, a whole portal was built of secret cabinets in the living room ... - The trouble of any modern interior is the intrusive presence of video and audio equipment. From my point of view, this is bad form. Technical design actively interferes with interior design and cripples it. The presence of technical progress in housing should be delicately veiled.S: And yet, what was the main thing in the work on the project: the desire to maintain a balance between form and content, or the desire to create a work of pure art, filled with a certain function? - First of all, I wanted to create a cozy home for people who I deeply like. And yet, for me, the creative participation of the customer is always very valuable in the work on the project. His unique ideas that contribute to an incredibly elegant author's solution are always interesting.Sergey Rogulev: "I wanted to create an" intelligent "interior, not outrageous, discreet, cozy and bright. In my understanding, this should be a sample of a dwelling of a person with wealth, educated and subtle. It should certainly be secular. And to a certain cultural and historical context. "