Lamps by olga engel in the gallery armel soyer

Russian designers and their prizes are increasingly becoming participants in international salons and prestigious gallery shows. Paris gallery owner Armel Soye, one of the most interesting players in the collection design market, put Olga Engel's lamps from the Emotions series on the stand of her own gallery.

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So the author of the Moscow interiors automatically became one of the stars of the spring exhibition PAD Art + Design. What could be better than being in the company of talented designers with a steady reputation?

At the Armel Soyer Gallery booth are Jimmy Delatura’s concrete bench, a mirror, Olga Engel’s lamp, Pierre Gonalon’s marble table and a sculpture by Stephan Muflett. Aristical textures and unusual interpretations of materials distinguish the choice of Armelle Soye.

“I chose Olga because her objects are sculptural and poetic,” says Parisian gallery owner Armelle Soyet. - They are exactly at the junction of art and design, and this is how I position my gallery. I also like the mix of materials: coarse metal and delicate porcelain. ”

Epos console, diz. MDST. The lamp from the series Emotions, diz. Olga Engel.

Inventive and not afraid to take risks Armell promotes, inspires and sells Pierre Gonalon, Mathias Kiss, Rami Fischler, Stefan Muflett. In the pool of stars collected by the gallery owner, for several years now Russian designer Denis Milovanov has been working and feeling great. Olga Engel became our second compatriot, who received a high European start.

Designer Olga Engel is a professional with three diplomas. She graduated from MGTA them. Kosygin, KLC School of Design, and then the Details School.