Wonder island

Grand Hyatt Goa Hotel recently opened in India

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Text: Marina Volkova

A photo: - provided by the hotel’s press service

Magazine: (180) 2013

Grand Hyatt Goa Hotel recently opened in India

Do you remember the cartoon about the island of Chunga-Chang, on which it is easy and simple to live, but is happiness always? Blue sky, summer all year round, coconuts, bananas and so on. It seems the place is written off from Goa. Goa, however, is not an island, but mainland India, one of the southwestern states, but for the rest of the description is the same. Recently in this wonder-edge a new hotel appeared - Grand Hyatt Goa.

The complex is decorated in the spirit of Portuguese architecture of the XVII century (Goa - a former colony of this state). The hotel has seven restaurants, representing different, including local, culinary traditions, and a spa center specializing in Balinese and Thai procedures. And all this is surrounded by banyan and fig trees. It is worth adding that March is the high season and the most successful time to personally inspect the hotel.