Vrubel in the interior

Moscow apartment with an area of ​​122 m2

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A photo: Dmitry Livshits

Text: Oksana Kashenko

Project author: Alexey Smirnov

Decorator: Ekaterina Smirnova

Magazine: (140)

We have so little created color interiors! For the most part, they are for some reason beige. The main color of this interior is gray, but ... thanks to the designer’s masterful work Alexey Smirnov gray here looks bright and festive

When customers chose housing for themselves, they liked this apartment right away. She had two significant advantages. First: from all the windows opened a breathtaking view of the Stroginsky floodplain. Second: the apartment was open plan; except for the bearing walls there was not a single partition or column.

Designer Alexey Smirnov He suggested not to beat the space into small rooms, but to single out three main zones - guest, children's and private. The guest room was also divided into conditional zones - a TV-sofa, a dining room and a kitchen. The entire right side of the apartment was given as a private zone. There is a master bedroom and a large bathroom. They decided to make the nursery in the left wing, since the child is already growing up and he does not need permanent parental control.

The idea to decorate the guest part of the interior exterior means was born from the designer almost immediately. He was inspired, oddly enough, by the well-made glazing of this zone. Played its role and a large living room area. Thus, columns appeared in the interior, emitting a kitchen in a common space, brickwork of genuine antique brick, and a floor of polished stone with imitation of paving stones. The main color, gray, was chosen by the designer because he wanted to make the guest area cooler and the private one warm. True, he diluted the gray color with a warm brown-ocher palette of brick walls. The ceiling was also made gray, but thanks to the game of textures and shades, the guest room not only does not seem cold, but feels like a comfortable, inviting room to rest.

Спальню дизайнер оформил на контрасте с гостевой зоной, выбрав для основной стены цвет фуксии. Это тоже не случайно. С самого начала хозяевам хотелось, чтобы над изголовьем кровати висела копия картины Врубеля "Демон". Designer не противоречил столь необычному желанию, а, наоборот, поддержал его, организовав написание полотна и создав для него необходимый фон: цвет стен и текстильное оформление спальни вторят основному тону картины, как бы усиливая ее эффект.

Of course, the apartment would have looked unfinished, if not for paintings and textiles. These details have made their own, special role in the overall perception of the interior, making it truly cheerful.

Alexey Smirnov:"I was pleased with the work. The owners really liked the apartment and their friends; it turned out to be really comfortable and functional. I think that we should not be afraid to take risks - experiment with color and textures. And most importantly, do not strive to make the interior fashionable. Because fashion is transient, and you need to live in comfort ... "