Stone flower

Tile and mosaic

Passing the gallery

Materials prepared: Alexey Ustinov

A photo: - from the archives of the press services

Magazine: N6 (139) 2009

If you pay as much attention to the main interior items as to the "secondary", your home will be perfect. About things like wallpaper, tile, mosaic, you need to remember always. They create a background that unites the interior into a single whole.

Tile today can repeat any pattern and completely replace the wallpaper, and any other wall decor. It can be from a completely unexpected material, such as, for example, leather. Stylistically, there are no restrictions. You can choose any style - from Directory to Provence. Moreover, a tile or mosaic panel can be in a completely different style than the entire interior. And, finally, a mosaic or tile can be so magnificent that it will become not just a background for other objects, but one of the main attractions of the house.