Safari as a lifestyle

Hotel in the Okavango Delta (Zimbabwe): spacious tents, covered with dry reed light wooden houses, wicker furniture, attributes of African ethnicity in the interior

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Materials: - (c) East News/Inside

Text: Natalya Kazakova

Magazine: N6 (73) 2003

This region is not spoiled by frequent visits to tourists. Africa has always attracted people of a certain sort - sometimes tired of comfort and luxury, sometimes rich adventurers and eccentrics, and sometimes people simply obsessed with the search for new impressions. Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) is a country that resembles a paradise for the elect, who, having given up everything, decide to enjoy the wild nature in its pristine beauty. The legendary Victoria Falls with a continuous cover of water 1,700 meters wide falls in the gorge of the Zambezi River. Downstream is Lake Kariba. The bizarre world of underwater forest comes through the clear water. To the east is the highlands, one of the most wonderful places for walking and fishing. Sometimes it is so cool there that frost appears on the grass. In the west, the jumble of granite rocks, similar to silent aliens from another world, forms the Matobo National Park. It is in these places that the thirsting for adventures awaits the most important thing in this difficult journey - safari. And of course, the venture will be more than rewarded with the indelible impressions that they will receive. Classic safari means life and hunting in the wild and becomes a special kind of entertainment that is not available to many. Life in the camp and a few days of hunting open up another world, directly opposite to the usual foundations of civilization. But only at first glance the design of the camp resembles the aboriginal home. Light wooden houses covered with dry reeds, with wicker and wooden furniture and attributes of the African ethnos in the interior details, are deliberately misleading sophisticated guests. Intriguing stylization enhances the sharpness of impressions. Spacious tents with hemmed floors and double doors completely protect against dangerous insects. The camp is equipped with all kinds of services necessary for living - shower, toilet, kitchen, refrigerator, place for daily washing. The menu is amazing variety and quality, besides everything is cooked al fresco. Experienced instructors do not tire with special training (no more than 4 hours per day) and offer a variety of hunting options - from an unforgettable spectacle to direct participation. The focus is always on the originality of the safari. Okavango has one of the largest deltas in the world, which is the final destination of the journey. Such a beauty of nature is comparable only with the thrill of hunting. Dry forests and grass-covered savannas allow free wandering of herds of buffalo, zebras, antelopes, elephants, leopards, lions, who live side by side with numerous species of other animals. The richest fauna of South Africa has more than five hundred species of birds. Among them are sacred ibis, storks, pink flamingos.Stunned by the roar and tramp, Clothed in flames and smoke, About you, my Africa, in a whisper Seraphim speak in heavenN. Gumilyov The land, as if blessed with such beauty, gives the European an unforgettable opportunity (because everything else he already had) of new impressions and a sense of unity with the natural world.