Postmodern session

кинотеатр "Колизей" (Санкт- Петербург) Stanislav Savin, Boris Beyder, Vladimir Lemekhov

Passing the gallery

A photo: Alexey Babaev, Victor Vasiliev

Text: Elena Kuznetsova

Architect: Boris Beyder, Vladimir Lemekhov

Workshop Leader: Stanislav Savin

Magazine: (63)

Reviving historic buildings, architects are often looking for inspiration in the pre-revolutionary past. But the idea of ​​the interiors of the St. Petersburg cinema "Colosseum" on Nevsky Prospect, 100, the architect suggested his Soviet period. In the 1920s, the Galant cinema was renamed in honor of the legendary arena of gladiator fights, either because of the round shape of the auditorium, or for ideological reasons. True, the game of Ancient Rome in the previous design did not take place - this annoying omission was eliminated in the process of reconstruction. But the theme is played not only in the architectural and historical aspect. The viewer who is prone to deduction guesses: he is offered a stylistic "duel" of classics and hi-tech, which, as a result, creates a postmodern semantic unity. Entourage foyer is associated with the Italian patio. The sensation of an open space sky enhances the coffered ceiling. The main accent of the Red Hall is a complex high-tech construction under the dome. The interlacing of sixteen bundles of fiberglass cords creates the effect of a giant red wheel. So, the postmodern film show at the Coliseum continues.