Golden time

apartment in the historical center of Moscow

Passing the gallery

Text: Julia Sakharova

Stylist: Evgenia Shuer

A photo: Vladimir Karchin

Project author: Julia Kryuchkova

Magazine: Decor N10 (132) 2008

A new work by decorator Yulia Kryuchkova is an apartment in the historical center of Moscow. Unlike previous works made in the classics and built in half tones, this interior is eclectic and bright. There are different colors in his palette - turquoise, beige, brown, black ... And a lot of gold

The house is modern, one of the best in the center of Moscow, in a beautiful quiet place, to the same historical place ... (However, is there not a historical place in Moscow within the Garden Ring?) Here, for example, an apartment decorated in the classic "old-Moscow" spirit, but an apartment in a modern style - such a not too hard minimalism - would also look great in the context of this house. In principle, it is convenient for the decorator to get the conditions of the problem with two differently directed vectors, allowing you to choose any. “But the conditions of the task became more complicated,” recalls the author of the project, “when I learned that the owners have completely different preferences. It turned out that the husband wants the interior without fail in the classical style, the wife in the modern one” However, upon closer inspection, the situation turned out to be unsound.

The decorator asked the owner about what he likes in the classics, and it turned out that this is not some style as such, but elements, signs, details denoting the classics. For example, armchairs, in which Louis can be guessed, ceremonial chandeliers, gold in the decoration of walls and ceiling, silk, crystal (or Murano glass), expensive woods ... At the same time, he thought of the interior as assembled and functional, not overloaded with details. In this part, the requirements of the hostess and the owner were the same - both were for the functionality of the interior. However, the hostess wanted the interior to be absolutely modern. And then Julia invited customers to make an interior in which classical motifs would be interpreted in the spirit of the latest trends. And in the decoration, and furniture, and textiles. So suddenly and easily a compromise was found. Moreover, it turned out that, in fact, the spouses want the same thing, they simply formulate it in different ways, reveal the different sides of one perfect interior. “As a result,” Yulia says, “both approaches only enriched each other, and we received an elegant representative interior, functional, comfortable for life, with very neat palace quotes. Both spouses are satisfied: what happened in the end is bigger and better than that everyone imagined in the first stage. "

To this we must add that the eclectic method - and this, in general, it is - allowed us to enrich the interior with techniques and objects that speak of something very personal. For example, the decorator was able to convey the impression of a holiday in the Mediterranean with purely interior techniques, “remember” Florence and Venice, and generally create a happy feeling of being full. This is especially true of the private part of the apartment.

As for the public area, it is more rigid - dark-colored mirror surfaces, black and gold upholstery, wenge cabinet furniture and, finally, a gold-finished ceiling. But that's how it was planned, because the living room and the dining room are rooms with a pronounced representative function, and here they often receive guests.

Decorator Julia Kryuchkova: "This Moscow apartment is located in one of the prestigious areas of old Moscow. The hostess dreamed about the interior in a modern style, and the owner, on the contrary, wanted a classic interior, consonant with the place and its history. Fortunately, today the decorator has such a creative method as eclectic in which modernity and classics can easily "agree"