Overlooking the sky

Jet Set restaurant in St. Petersburg

Passing the gallery

Text: Nina Farizova

A photo: Ivan Sorokin

Architect-designer: Anna Belyaevskaya

Designer: Natalia Smorgonskaya, Стефан Золотов

Magazine: N10 (165) 2011

Jet Set restaurant is located in a new pavilion in one of the parks of St. Petersburg

“Initially, this place was a rental of rollers and bicycles,” says Natalia Smorgonskaya. - We did redevelopment of this pavilion, and a restaurant was opened in it. They decided to leave the ceiling as it was, even “exacerbating” its technological potential by open wiring of the ventilation system and industrial lamps. The walls, on the contrary, were made bright so as not to focus attention on the ceiling, and did not decorate the windows, as there is a very beautiful view of the park around. The color here is as bright as possible: red, white and black gamma in the restaurant, golden mosaic TREND in the bathrooms. In the design, the authors of the project left a bicycle theme, since it is not only a restaurant, but also a rental point. Zoning the space in the Jet Set is large prints with photos of cyclists from the beginning of the 20th century.