Office bunker

office building in St. Petersburg

Passing the gallery

A photo: George Shablovsky

Text: Nina Farizova

Project author: Sergey Televna

Architect: Victoria Shefer, Elena Sorokina, Ekaterina Mikhailova

Magazine: N6 (150) 2010

The lobby of this office building in St. Petersburg is made of natural stone. Ascetic interior is exactly what is needed for such rich textures. Project author Sergey Televna says: “The first architectural task was to correctly design the space. That is, to give a direction to the visitor - where to wait, where to go next ... "The author is everything here - and the reception, and the elements of the walls and the floor, and the ceiling panels, and the waterfall in the area of ​​the elevator hall, and the lamps made of laminated glass spotlights). This interior as says Sergey TelevnaA kind of dress coat - strict, expensive and elegant.