Scenery to Russian fantasy

Passing the gallery

A photo: Evgeny Luchin

Materials prepared: Pavel Portnov

Text: Julia Sakharova

Magazine: (92) 2005

Director Nikolai Lebedev, author of The Stars and The Young Peasant Girls, films fantasy from Marina Semyonova’s book The Wolfhound. A settlement of ancient Slavs was built on the territory of Mosfilm, and at the VILS plant a crossing at Prepony, a sanctuary and the ogre's chambers. The scenery for the first Slavic fantasy in Russian history was created by Honored Artist of Russia Lyudmila Kusakova Lyudmila Mikhailovna is one of the best Russian artists working in cinema. It is enough to remember that she made the scenery for films that have long become classics: "The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia" (1973), "The Ordinary Miracle" (1978), "The Pokrovskie Vorota" (1982). Among the latest works - the film "Rider named Death." The scenery for the "Horseman ..." and "Wolfhound" stand at Mosfilm side by side, and despite all the external dissimilarity, they still reveal a relationship. Exactly according to the proverb: both are tightly tailored and well sewn, whether it is the timbered mansions of the knesa of the fantastic city of Galirad or the provincial stucco house of the early twentieth century ... Firmly made from an applied point of view and from an artistic point of view. If you take the practical side, it should be noted that the wooden city is completely devoid of ephemeral, conventions inherent in the scenery. It is built from real hewn logs, which were brought here from all over Russia. The bridge of logs, sawn along, is also real and quite reliable. Houses are arranged in such a way that, if desired, you can shoot not only outside, but also inside: the space is built three-dimensional. In addition, the city, spread out on two and a half hectares of land, is perfectly planned: firstly, it corresponds to the logic of drama, and secondly, to the fantasy genre. If we take the artistic side, we will see how adequately the book by Semyonova and the fantasy genre in general can be space. It is brutal, mysterious and gloomy (not without it). “The darkened wood has a special gray color, it is an exquisite color base,” says Lyudmila Mikhailovna. “This is both the background and the accent. The accent is because it accurately embodies the idea of ​​mystery. I added tow that was wagging in the river, roughly hewn stakes and two huge trees that are no different from the real ones ... The feeling of anxiety, the approaching evil and, at the same time, heroic pathos - all this is inherent in both the action itself and the scenery. " There will be more shooting in the spring, there will be sword battles, crazy stunts and the highest computer aerobatics. The Wolfhound (Alexander Bukharov) will fight with the Ogre (Alexander Domogarov). Looking ahead, we say that good in the film will win. Otherwise, why would they have started such a large-scale and expensive project?