Music lounge

Neo-baroque interior

Passing the gallery

Text: Julia Sakharova

Magazine: Decor N6 (106) 2006

Architect Natalia Guseva:

“Seeing a spacious room with light streaming out of the window, I really wanted to fill this space with music. Of course, it’s a luxury to make a music salon, but if the owners have many rooms, then, as the French say, noblesse oblige I proposed to draw the music room in the neo-baroque style - to combine elements of the old classical baroque with modern elements of the interior.On the wall I arranged decorative fabric panels (in the baroque style) bordered with plaster moldings I dyed the plaster moldings, the baroque plaster moldings and the mirror frame above the fireplace in silver.The light metal is very fashionable now, and thus painting the plaster molding in silver we support the neoparoded chandelier in light metal interior.

On symmetrically placed identical dressers I installed low spherical vases of light metal (in the sketch they are with bouquets of hydrangeas). The upholstery of the upholstered armchair of the upholstered furniture group near the fireplace is silver. This group includes chairs, different in style (neo-baroque, classicism, Empire) and upholstery - one of the modern techniques. A round carpet that combines objects is a typical baroque style. The bar stool for the piano, upholstered in lilac velvet, maintains the color of the upholstery of one of the seats.

The walnut grand piano is the main character in the living room, with its shape it corresponds to the Baroque style. Walnut mantel clocks - neobarochnoy form. A screen at the piano has a baroque pattern of fabric. A screen today is not only an actual subject of decor, but also functional. "

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