Advanced technology for long distances

Passing the gallery

A photo: Kirill Ovchinnikov

Stylist: Evgenia Shuer

Art director of the project: Anna Plotnikova

Text: Alexander Medvedev

Magazine: Technological N10 (88) 2004

Banal story: he left, she stayed. Because he loves airplanes and motorcycles, and she loves sandals and flowers. So, being together is not destiny. However, from a technical point of view, any heart problem is solved for some time elementary - by sending an SMS, email or photo. Now they do not part, even if there are thousands of kilometers between them. Telecommunications made the world small. All friends and family are always at hand. They live in the phone, laptop and camera. All our senses, digitized, are always fresh and ready to be sent to any part of the world at any second. Aerobatic Club Stealth Aeroclub, Myachkovo airfield: Enstrom E480 helicopter [13], Yak-52 aircraft [6]. Motorbike BMW K1200LT [8] (provided by BMW Russland Trading). Laptop Sony Vaio Computer quick start PCG-TR3 [5]Sony Digital Handycam DCR-IP210E Digital Video Camera [6]MP3 player Bang&Olufsen Beosound2 [5] (provided by the company "Party", "Domino Gallery" on October). Brown leather jacket, Dsquared [13], boutique Dsquared. Black shoes, Rodolfo Zengarini [2]; red and white jacket, Armani Jeans [4], everything - CUM. Black-rimmed sunglasses [2], Salvatore Ferragamo; red-rimmed sunglasses [3], Gianfranco Ferre, all - the salon Good Look. Red Mobile Fridge, Cyber ​​Fridge [3], shop Le Futur. Yellow thermos, konig [3], Gift house Bagatelle. Glass, collection Jamaica, Leonardo; flask, Cerit; Gourmet glass containers and fondue forks, WMF, all - Domino Gallery Store. Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook C-1012 Laptop (Personal) [1, 10]. Digital Cameras Leica DIGILUX2, Leica D-LUX [9, 11] (provided by the Russian representative office of Leica). Phones Sony-Ericsson T630 and Nokia 7200 (personal). Mirror-hanger on wheels Narciso, designer Enrico Franzolini (Enrico Franzolini), De Padova; Prêt-à-Porter hanger, designer Annette Lang, Ann Zang, all [10] - Salon "Scale one to one." Copper watering can [12], Le Prince Jardinier, Arte di Vivere Gallery. Clothing, belts, bags and shoes [10], Amaze, Beta Amaze. Босоножки [10], Miu Miu и Celine, CUM.