Leonid esipovich

Visiting the founder of the company SKOL

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov

Lead headings: Nikolay Fedyanin

Magazine: N4 (148) 2010

Company founder SKOL Leonid Esipovich - a real expert in all that relates to decorative materials. True, the apartment owner himself believes that its main advantage is the view of the MSU high-rise building.

Leonid Esipovich engaged in decorative materials since 1993. It was he who first brought to Russia the exclusive wallpaper of the Belgian company. OMEXCO and the Japanese company TOMITA, fabrics and wallpaper of the French company ELITIS. For the design of his own apartment, Leonid chose the most expensive wallpaper. In a relatively small apartment area, the owner first made an easy redevelopment. He wanted to turn the corridor at the entrance to the apartment so that immediately from the entrance a view of the alma mater - the MSU high-rise building. Leonid was advised by his acquaintance, famous French architect Pascal Gravaud, on all architectural issues during the renovation. “In general, the idea is quite simple and has already been repeatedly embodied in different projects. This is one big studio room with a kitchen and a bar where you can receive friends, and one small room is for yourself, ”explains Leonid.

The interior of the studio room is decorated in gray-blue tones. Leonid explains that these designer wallpapers by Herman Van Pira are a great backdrop for bright color spots - photos and paintings. “The wallpaper in the living room is interesting not only for its color and pattern, but also for its texture. They look different from different angles, the patterns and the background go from negative to positive, ”the apartment owner says.

Photographic terms slip into Leonid's speech not by chance, because he is professionally engaged in photography and even is in the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. He collects paintings and founded the painting gallery "LES". In the apartment of Leonid, here and there you can find his works made in Libya, at the North Pole, in Iceland. In particular, on the wall of the studio room there is a photograph with a blue iceberg, perfectly fitting into the color scheme of the living room. “This photo was taken in summer, when it is relatively warm in the north. In fact, we sailed to take pictures of sea lions, but on the way we saw this iceberg. By the time it is about 3-4 o'clock in the morning. here it is the leaden sea, the leaden sky and the bright color of the iceberg itself. By the way, now I plan to go to Antarctica. From there, there should be more interesting photos, because there is a richer wildlife in there, ”the apartment owner says.