Melodies of nature

Harmony of nature in the compositions of Tatiana Tridvornova

Passing the gallery

A photo: Evgeny Luchin

Text: Anna Hatckevich

Magazine: H (43) 2000

Every year, stones that “grow” out of the ground are collected on the fields of Estonia. This is the memory of the glacier that passed here a couple of million years ago. Everything here reminds of his presence: boulders and round pebbles on the seashore; the cobblestones of the pavement worn by the feet of endless passersby; gray monoliths of stone walls and towers of the old city. Even in the forest, where, it would seem, only trees and grass are appropriate, no, no, and you will meet a miracle - an amazing symbiosis of spruce and a huge boulder, which have been inseparable for several decades ... This nature is sometimes called harsh (not to be confused with reality), but it is inherent in that modest charm, which allows you to notice any color splash, presented to this corner of the earth. Near Tallinn there are amazing places where you understand that the tumult of tropical forests is no better than the ascetic north with its restrained colors and shapes, with its avarice on heat and the vagaries of the weather. Especially now, when in the floristic fashion (and it is still formed in Europe), naturalness, a minimum of decor, and wild plants known under the common name "weeds" reign. Tatyana Tridvornova, who took the path of professional floristics in Tallinn ten years ago, fell in love with this northern nature with all her heart. "But this does not mean that I refused to work in lush bouquets in my work, everything should be just right. Even the most sophisticated minimalist bouquet will be lost in the interior a la Versace, and the classic composition of many colors will destroy the verified cleanliness of the modern interior. it's relativity, harmony. " By the way, it was Tatiana’s “innate sense of harmony” that was marked by the “Golden Prize” at the World Expo, held in Japan and entirely devoted to flowers. “I started my career with what I should strive for. I had many awards after that, but this one is my favorite.” Creativity florist is often tied to the situation associated with a particular order, event, other people's desires. Or limited to the competition. But there are moments when you can, listening only to your own feelings, to look at the flowers in a completely different way, without tying up or limiting yourself with rules and conventions. The works created in nature, or, as they say, in the open air, differ from those made in the workshop, because they become a reflection, an echo of what is around. But natural harmony is not comparable with anything - this is the book by which you can learn endlessly; you just need to learn how to read it. “Flowers are music that can be seen,” is Tatiana’s motto, and therefore her works contain melodies of land, sea, and the old city. They are leisurely and calm. Sometimes it’s just one note, but protracted and melodious like the beat of a bell.