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STICEF: glass blowers and ceramists from Romania

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov

Leading headings: Marina Volkova

Magazine: (141)

Works of Romanian glassblowers on "Interior Show" -2008 presented by the association STICEF

Romanian drawings on glass, the oldest folk craft, have been known since the 17th century, and local icons on glass (even earlier, the 14th century) have the status of unique historical masterpieces. In 1991, the Romanian manufacturers of glass and ceramics united in the association STICEF, whose main task is to tell and show the world the creations of large firms and small workshops. On "INTERIOR SHOW" -2008 she brought a number of interesting modern brands, including IDEA GLASS, MIRGLASS, EURO DESIGN, BTC and, of course, TÃMÂIAN.

Glassblowers showed mainly lamps, most of which were made in the spirit of the tradition of Emile Galle: carved glass, consisting of several layers, with floral ornaments in the style modern. A modern line was also presented. (in person workshops Tãmâian and Ion Art Glass) - unusual compositions of blown glass, such as a giant chessboard.