Gateway to the old town

Opium cafe in Riga

Passing the gallery

A photo: Peter Lebedev

Leading headings: Nina Farizova

Project author: Armands Vecvanags

Magazine: (113)

The building of the hotel "Riga", which was built in 1878, recently opened a cafe Opium. "A new establishment, - says the architect Armands Vecvanags, - connects two streets and reminds a corridor or a passage: passing through it, you can get into the Old Town. I would like first of all to create a space that is rich in color and light. Selected materials - antique wood, patinated metal, mosaic tiles and leather, walls painted by hand. Since the cafe has very high ceilings, I made a black stretch ceiling, which visually reduced the height. On such a surface, the reflection from the lamps looks very beautiful, especially in the evening. "

Address: Riga, Dr. Aspasias, 20, 18 Valnyu Str