Italians in st. petersburg

apartment in St. Petersburg Olga Bekneva

Passing the gallery

A photo: Peter Lebedev

Stylist: Tatyana Bakanova

Text: Danila Gulyaev

Project author: Olga Bekneva

Magazine: Decor N6 (106) 2006

Italians traditionally love St. Petersburg - it corresponds to their innate sense of beauty. On the other hand, Peter is gloomy and cold for the heat-loving Italian temperament.

In this apartment, designed by architect Olga Bekneva, lives a small Italian family, who settled in St. Petersburg. The apartment, as befits a real St. Petersburg, is dark - there is not enough natural lighting. And the task was to equip the dwelling in the center of the North Venice as if it were in southern Venice, Italian. Make it so that the interior is bright, bright, warmed look and soul. The main "warming" load fell on the finishing with deep colors and complex textures. In the living room, high-calorie terracotta-colored wallpapers are used, the windows are draped with thick fabric with drawings on the themes of exotic travels - with elephants, monkeys, etc., and pine details are also used in the design of the apartment. Of course, all materials used in the project are natural, for the Italians this is a fundamental condition. In addition, the owners of the apartment are connoisseurs of beautiful designer things, and the presence of those in the interior also had to soften and Europeanize living in a rather harsh yet city. Therefore, the local situation is almost reminiscent of the design museum of the twentieth century. The famous Macintosh high chair, the Bernini office, the Nagushi coffee table, Le Corbusier couch decorate the living room, and the same Le Corbusier chairs are in the kitchen. For a small family, whose members are often on the road, studio layout was the ideal option. The living room includes a seating area, a study, and a kitchen. The latter, by the way, is on the podium, towering above the rest of the space. Separate made bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom is the brightest room in the apartment, almost white. The bathroom is very spacious, with an area of ​​12 square meters. meters It is trimmed with aged marble, the floor is wooden with a stone mosaic inset in the center.