In the rhythm of the sun

Spring mood in flower compositions built on subtle color and textured nuances

Passing the gallery

Leading headings: Dilara Muradova

A photo: Alexey Vladimirov

Magazine: N5 (61) 2002

The color falls on all sides, filling the floral arrangements with energy and strength. The “gloss” of early spring gives way to textured surfaces traditionally associated with summer. At the same time, it is still far from the pomp and abundance of the hottest season. The intensity of color shades is neutralized by the structural lightness of the floral "designs" Compositions by Natalia Sudareva and Lyudmila Kozhuhovskaya are an attempt to express in the language of colors an increase in the solar "rhythm". The tonality of floristic works captures the mood of spring, passing it through subtle color and texture nuances. The “lilac” composition looks very aristocratic due to the combination of the sophisticated “Gothic” flower pattern with the refined “ornament” of the base. Smooth, like a porcelain surface of tulips, echoing the delicate gloss of the stems and leaves, in spring it is light and elegant. Pale lilac and light green hues enhance and enrich this sound. At the same time, the influence of the sun is clearly growing in the composition itself. Combined, flowers begin to be perceived as a single “canvas”, sharpening the power of color and “leading” the composition further away from the graphic and pastel of early spring. The overall tone gradually changes: the feeling of cold and light gives way to color and warmth. To transmit the brightness of sunlight, it is customary to use the most "luminous" tones. Perhaps that is why florists have chosen the most active orange color as the dominant of the second composition. Light "sunny" heads of flowers, rising from a heavier wicker base, create the impression of airiness and weightlessness. Thin stems make their way through the obstacles from the branches. It is a reminder of the creative power and optimism of spring and at the same time an appeal to the upward-looking plastic of Gothic cathedrals. Vertical construction, imitating the order established in nature, helps to convey the depth of the composition, and the cool blue color of the sky emphasizes the contrasting sound of sunny shades.