'golden palace' - vip territory

Moscow Palace Golden Palace Salavat Shcherbakov, Sergey Gerasimov

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov, Ekaterina Morgunov

Text: Evgenia Shuer

Project author: Salavat Shcherbakov

Architect: Sergey Gerasimov

Builder: Igor Batsmanov, Vladimir Titov

Magazine: (75)

Gambling in styles was demonstrated by Salavat Shcherbakov and his colleagues during the design of the new premises of the Moscow casino Golden Palace (3th St. Yamskogo Polya, 15). The eclectic space of the gaming VIP-room combines elements of ancient architecture, the interior of the Renaissance palace and oriental decorative art. The upper part of the “ancient structure”, consisting of huge stone blocks and as if going under the ground, is inscribed in the interior of the “Venetian Palace” with frescoes and gilding, patterned carpets and Moorish twisted columns. A reception that recalls the architecture of a completely different scale and creates the illusion of construction on the basis of ancient ruins. The game of the authors of the project is not limited to a mixture of styles and scales. You can imagine yourself both inside and outside the room, as the interior and exterior architecture, as well as the “night sky” coexist with flying carpets flying over the heads of players, designed to cause them to associate with treasures from Arabian tales. Psychological games are also needed in the casino. Many decorative and planning decisions were the result of consultations with a specialist in psychology of players drawn from America. It turns out that extremely low ceilings, which in this case are performed by carpets spread over gaming tables, contribute to the player’s proper self-perception. And the landscapes of fraud murals partly compensate for the lack of windows, mandatory for the casino, as well as the absence of watches and objects reminiscent of religion. The main ergonomic rule for gambling houses was taken into account: the less straight aisles, the more walls, partitions, stairs and other barriers to the exit, the better. Thus, in the VIP chambers of the Golden Palace, its guests inevitably encounter as many temptations and temptations as possible.