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Interview with the owner of the company Bulthaup

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Interview prepared by: Olga Gvozdeva, Oksana Kashenko

A photo: Oleg Semenov

Magazine: (81) 2004

Bulthaup company produces functional, durable and unusually stylish kitchens. Created back in the 90s, System 25 and System 20 are still an indispensable success. Now the company has developed a new model, which is called the "B-3". November 25 in St. Petersburg on Bolshoi Prospect P.S. at the opening of the monobrand salon of kitchens Bulthaup Герд Бультхауп, the current owner of the company, gave an interview to Salon magazineSALON: Mr. Bulthaup, how did your creative career begin? Did you have to continue your father's business? - I had two fathers, so to speak, biological and intellectual. The man who became my intellectual father was called Excellent Eicher. He created the University of Design in Ulm and was an ardent preacher of the Bauhaus traditions. It was thanks to Otl Aicher that I learned the culture of entrepreneurship and grasped the basics of the philosophy of everyday life.S: Mr. Bulthaup, you gave a new impulse to the direction of functionalism, summing up its industrial basis. Do we understand correctly that the BULTHAUP brand, which has become synonymous with the progressive interior concept, has already taken place under your leadership and thanks to your active assistance? - Without my father, I could not have done anything. At one time, my father gave me financial support so that I could create a new intellectual image of our company.S: Thus, you have assumed the role of an idea generator and company management. - Actually, I originally wanted to do architecture. However, my father asked me to study economics and inherit the management of the company, since I was his only son.S: Now, most people who can afford a kitchen from BULTHAUP, in fact, do not dine at home or dine. Moreover, today the influence of fashion is very great, and fashion requires a fairly frequent change of the interior. What policy does BULTHAUP undertake in this regard? - My friend, who lives in Tel Aviv, brilliantly describes our target audience. He says that people who buy a kitchen from BULTHAUP can "see, think and make money." In this statement, he grabbed the very essence of our clientele. Returning to the question, I will say that you are right in many respects. Unfortunately, people spend less and less time in the kitchen. But the kitchen still remains a place of "fire" in the house - this is our genetic memory. Now the kitchen equipment has become a symbol of high social status. Of course, this is not as obvious as owning a prestigious car model.S: Recently, you often claim that your attitude to modern design has changed dramatically ... - I want to explain what I mean. We simply distance ourselves a little from the word "design", because they are often abused, which is not always justified. More often we replace it with the term "architecture". This concept is the basis of the construction of any interior. And one of the indispensable elements of the interior becomes a kitchen - living space, the same as all the others. A similar idea of ​​the kitchen prompted us to create the ideal in terms of functionality and mobility "Systems 25" and "Systems 20". Perfectly combining these principles, they fully meet the individual needs of the people they serve.S: And yet from a commercial point of view, it is not clear how it is possible, without giving out something supernew, super-design every year, to stay afloat, to be one of the first in the world market? - If I made clothes, I would be forced to update the collection 3-4 times every year. But the interior does not necessarily change every year. Twelve years ago, our company released the System 25 model, which is still relevant today. Subjected to engineering updates over time, it has retained its unique look over the years. I am sure that if you produce comfortable and well-made things, they can serve forever. Moreover, this model has become the most copied kitchen in the world. "System 25" continues to be the embodiment of the modern approach to the design of residential interior. It is a similar view on things and following the traditions that puts BULTHAUP on a par with the leaders in the production of modern furniture.S: Tell me what your novelty is. "IN 3"? - This is not a revolution, rather an evolution. We have been working on a new system for seven years, trying to optimize what I have already said. It is based on architectonics, clarity and engineering accuracy, plus the desire to bring in all this kind of sensuality. We believe that the new generation of BULTHAUP kitchens radiates peace of mind, reliability and well-being.