Flying over the city

Moscow apartment with a total area of ​​80 m2 Marina Zaynetdinova, Kirill Kruchinin

Passing the gallery

A photo: Zinon Rasudinov

Text: Julia Sakharova

Architect: Kirill Kruchinin

Decorator: Dmitry Demkin

Project Manager: Marina Zainetdinov

Builder: Dmitry Matyushenko

Textile: Tatyana Polyanskaya

Magazine: Na (80) 2004

Эта необычная квартира заставляет вспомнить знаменитый "Летатлин" Владимира Татлина и эксперименты Малевича с цветом и формой. Но если обычно мы видим художественный объект снаружи, то в этой квартире попадаем внутрь него. "Нам была предоставлена полная свобода творчества, - рассказывает руководитель проекта Marina Zainetdinov. - По сути, мы могли делать все, что захотим. И придумали вот такой проект - "летательный аппарат" The fact is that the apartment is located in a wonderful place in its own way - on the top floor of a high-rise building in “Scarlet Sails”, offering a magnificent view of the Moscow River, Khodynskoe field and Tushino airfield. The feeling of flying, familiar to anyone who admired the landscape from a great height, plus such realities as the sky, the airfield and the planes, determined the choice of theme. Interestingly, the artistic idea of ​​flight was embodied in such a way that the result was a truly free and super-open space, in which real square meters (and there are about 90) become nothing more than a convention. The organizing principle was the construction, associatively denoting the plane: rounded "edges" and "wing". It is angled in relation to the hallway and diagonally to the space of the apartment as a whole. The diagonal direction is underlined by the “take-off strip” - the luminaires embedded in the floor - and the drawing of square plates of ceramic granite arranged along the “airplane movement” line. Ribs - laconic stainless steel brutal design - the center of the composition. You can get from the hallway to the apartment directory only through the "airplane frame", and nothing else. The runway is also a connecting element of the functional zones - the hall and the living room. The living room window, thanks to the general context, acquires the conditional features of the nose of the aircraft and, as it were, opens up the prospect of flight. The ingenious construction of sheets of stainless steel on the ceiling - the “wing of the plane” - organizes the kitchen-dining area. And as if once again confirms the idea that you should not be afraid of large objects in small rooms: if they are truly designer, that is creative and meticulously calculated, the space will paradoxically seem larger. The reception of contrast also works for this effect: the authors opposed transparent glass surfaces to light metal structures, the shape of which seems to be barely marked with a frame. The architects also built the color solution of the apartment on the contrast - silver, red and black. It looks like the canvases of the classics of Suprematism.Marina Zainetdinov: The image of this apartment was inspired by the canvases of the Suprematists, Vladimir Tatlin’s “Letatlin” ... Is the apartment an “aircraft”? It is quite possible. The same "car for life" (in the words of Le Corbusier), just like an airplane ...