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What is a "smart home", what are its functions, why all of us have to live in such houses - the commercial director of INTELLHOUSE company Kirill Suvorov tells about this and many other

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Interview prepared: Sergey Ivanov

Magazine: Technol. N10 (99) 2005

Kirill Suvorov, commercial director of INTELLHOUSE, told SALON-interior magazine what customers of smart houses now want and why all of us have to live in such housesSALON: What is a "smart home"? - Many people say that they know what “smart home” is, but in reality this is not so. “Smart home” is a set of equipment that allows you to combine all engineering systems — ventilation, electrics, a security system, a home theater — and easily manage engineering using touch panels. Combining the system, "smart home" gives them additional features. These possibilities are different: there are spectacular toys, there are really necessary things (such as light, imitating the presence of the owners in the house).S: What functions of the “smart home” are now most in demand in Russia? - Depending on whether it is an apartment, house or office, different functions are in demand. In the apartment is the creation of a multimedia environment, in the cottage is the scheduling of housing, economical use of electricity, in the office-security and lighting systems. In the field of security, a lot of interesting things have appeared. For example, new video surveillance systems that can recognize the host by biometric parameters, “recognize him by sight”. Security systems that define an alarming situation — for example, when a person was delayed at your door longer than usual, left a bag, and so on. Such things are in demand.S: "Smart Home" has ceased to be a fashionable novelty and becomes a regular attribute of housing? - People like to do a kind of tuning their homes, to create additional comfort in the house. Man chooses the functions that he needs. Here there are online stores, they are used by many. But for this you need to turn on the computer, enter the Internet ... And when you have a touch panel in the corridor and certain predefined stores are registered in the script, you can order the same pizza in a few seconds. Agree that the technology of "smart home" provides comfort, and this contributes to the fact that they, these technologies, become a regular attribute of housing. Here are some more examples. A couple of years ago, in an American company, they told me about a family of Russian émigrés, which uses a touchpad like a newspaper. The elderly father of the family got used to read Pravda in the morning, and his son gave him the opportunity: every morning he received a fresh newspaper, but only on display. Another example. My parents, when they go to the country in the fall, send an SMS to a certain number. The system includes heating. By their arrival in the house is already warm. Simple and pleasant. The cost of the systems that we install is only 10% of the cost of all engineering. Therefore, the "smart home" will be more and more. The future is in these technologies.S: What awaits us in the near future? - Personally, I am waiting for Russian manufacturers. We use equipment made mainly in Europe and America. In Russia, it is almost not done. We have good programmers, everyone knows that. But I would like Russia to start producing “smart systems”.