Boutique "Devichnik" in Pyatigorsk

Passing the gallery

Text: Nina Farizova

A photo: Eric Burmeister

Architect-designer: Oleg Mikhailov

Magazine: (141)

Women's clothing boutique "Devichnik" is in Pyatigorsk. “I made it in the style of postmodern,” says the author of the project. “The very name of the store justifies the presence of five mannequins in the window: they communicate with each other, discussing the clothes they purchased. I decorated the long and stretched room with mirrors and crystal curtains.” The main background of "Devichnik" - black (walls, floor, ceiling). In contrast, in the center of the hall stands a large poof of black and white leather. Elegant table lamps, designer cashier area with a luminous box above it, beautiful clothes and accessories make this space exclusively feminine.