Couturier interior

The modern and original interior of the three-storey apartment of Jean-Christian de Castelbajac, the permanent figure of French fashion

Passing the gallery

Text: Caroline Cibot

A photo: Jean-Francois Jaussaud

Transfer: Alexey Dramashko

Materials: - (c) Madame Figaro

Magazine: N4 (49) 2001

Jean-Christian de Castelbajac opened the doors of his apartment to us. In the furniture and objects of his new decorative line, the luxury of pastel shades is combined with some insolence of details. These items are on display in a new designer boutique. The permanent figure of French fashion, Jean-Christian de Castelbajac is surprising, shocking, but leaves no one indifferent. Perpetual search, study of the surrounding world - this is the main source of his inspiration. In July last year, he presented his collection winter 2000-2001. The completeness of this work and the great work invested in it is obvious. At the same time the designer engaged in developments in the field of interior design. In his boutique called Concept Store, he literally forces buyers to share their own choices, preferences and unwillingness to compromise. Unusual colors, originality, humor are very characteristic of Castelbajac, and all this is present in his new apartment. It occupies three floors. On the second - the master's bedroom, his office, bathroom and guest room. On the first floor - a kitchen, a spacious living-dining room, a library, also used as a home cinema. All rooms overlook the garden. And finally, the basement, the territory of his sons - Guillaume and Louis-Marie. "This house seemed familiar to me at once. In it I found the familiar features of my castle in Jer. There is a soul, excellent lighting and extraordinary calm. Here I feel far from the whole world. And if I had to take our tradition, the roots of my family, here I was able to place a greater emphasis on the modernity and originality of the interior, "says Jean-Christian. "I collect photographs and objects that carry emotions, and fill them with everyday life. Herve Sauvage, artistic director of all my boutiques, helps me a lot. I give him my ideas about interior items, and he embodies. So I can immediately try it. It looks like my guardian angel. We always find colors that make a thing unique. I have all the basic shades of pastel colors. And there is always some kind of disguise. Experience taught me to smooth surfaces and corners! I love luxury, humor and carried Replies. Provocateur? Yes, but not for free. I will never sacrifice comfort for the sake of beauty. After all, pleasure is priceless. "