Classic plus

Rosbri salon in Krasnoyarsk

Passing the gallery

Text: Nina Farizova

A photo: - from the archives of the press services

Architect: Alexander Grigoriev

Designer: Daria Chernysheva

Magazine: N1 (134) 2009

Recently, a new Rosbri salon has opened in Krasnoyarsk. "The salon is located in a new building on the first floor, - says the architect Alexander Grigoriev. “When we arrived at the site, the house had not yet been handed over.” We designed this room as the customer needed. They divided the space into two main zones: one is tile and plumbing, the other is furniture. There is also a living room that serves as a welcome zone. It is in the living room that a visitor can talk with a consultant and feel the atmosphere of a classic space. Although it is impossible to call it purely classical. Rather, it is eclectic, but with a classical dominant. In the design, we actively used white color, boisery, hung large chandeliers, made stucco on the ceiling. And it was the chandeliers that became a kind of compositional axes, around which the exposition is being built. "

Address: Krasnoyarsk, ul. Chkalov, 42