Herzog & de meuron for the vitra design museum

The campus of the Swiss company Vitra in the German city of Weil am Rhein was supplemented by another opus of architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. At various times, Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid, Tadao Ando and Nicholas Grimshaw, Herzog and de Meuron and the Japanese bureau SANAA have designed. There are also small-textbook samples of small forms - the collapsible gas filling station of Jean Prouvé and the geodesic dome of Buckminster Fuller.

Schaudepot is a new building that will add on-campus exhibition space to the famous Vitra Design Museum (Vitra Design Museum). A unique collection formed over several decades. The beginning of the collection in the 1980s was laid by its founder, the head of Vitra, Rolf Velbaum. A significant contribution to the formation of the treasures was made by his friend, one of the most enthusiastic design propagandists in the world, Alexander von Fegezak, a historian, an expert and collector (he has been collecting design since he was 14). Alexander von Fegezak was on the post of director of the Vitra Design Museum from 1988 (the year when Vitra Design Museum was founded) to 2011. Today, about 20 thousand exhibits are kept in the collection. Museum staff consider the core of the collection of 7 thousand pieces of furniture from 1800 to the present day. Schaudepot presents design icons that only a few in the world can boast. The collection also includes more than a thousand fixtures designed by Achille Castiglioni, Gino Sarfatti, Serge Mujem and Ingo Mourer. In addition, electrical appliances, architectural models, textiles and household items are included in the collection of the Vitra Design Museum.

Schaudepot Funds. This is how the museum storage is organized in the famous museum. Photo © Vitra Design Museum, Florian Böhm. Schaudepot basement space. Here will be themed expositions. Photo © Vitra Design Museum, Julien Lanoo.

Жак Хецог и Пьер де Мерон строят для Vitra не в первый раз. На кампусе уже стоит их Vitra House — эффектное здание, в котором будто срослись в одну конструкцию несколько маленьких домиков с двускатными крышами. Главный козырь Schaudepot — кирпич дизайна Herzog & de Meuron, произведенный специально для постройки. В остальном швейцарские архитекторы верны себе. Снова на лицо фирменная геометрия, благодаря которой любой нарисованный ими ангар получает метафизическое звучание.

Shelves in the funds Schaudepot. Photo © Vitra Design Museum, Florian Böhm.

The Schaudepot space with a total area of ​​1600 square meters. m divided into three sections. On the top floor is the main exhibition hall with a permanent collection. In chronological order, 400 objects will be exhibited here, including rare works by Gerrit Rietveld, Alvar Aalto, Charles and Ray Eames and Ettore Sottsass, as well as less known or anonymous items, prototypes and experimental models. In the basement there is a place for thematic installations. Following the modern museum fashion, visitors have the opportunity to penetrate into the office premises of the museum, to see how curators, curators and restorers work daily with exhibits. From the café, located on the ground floor, museum offices and a library are open for review, open to researchers and students. As part of the tour there is an opportunity to visit the restoration workshop.

Restoration workshop in Schaudepot, where visitors can also go. Photo © Vitra Design Museum, Florian Böhm. The whole history of furniture design - in a unique collection. Photo © Vitra Design Museum, Florian Böhm. Главный фасад Schaudepot, проект Herzog & de Meuron. Foto © Vitra Design Museum, Julien Lanoo.

The official opening of the Schaudepot will take place on June 3, 2016.