Arrangement patio in the country

He patted the daughtersA patio is a kind of room, but it is not limited to four walls and a ceiling. We can say that this room is located in nature. Recently, it has become fashionable to design such sites in the back yards of the dacha plots. And no wonder - the patio can be a great place for solitude and relaxation.

This kind registration The yard came from the southern countries of Europe, although a little adapted to the conditions of our climate. The fact is that in the Mediterranean people can afford to decorate the patio in accordance with the full-fledged room: furnish with good soft furniture, add lighting. In our countries, this option is not particularly beneficial and convenient, since in the cold season not everyone has a desire to spend a lot of time on the street. In this regard, in the summer patio performs the function there is no one room with a gazebo in which you can relax pleasantly and successfully.


  • 1 Patio Varieties
  • 2 Дачный патио: варианты и идеи registration
  • 3 Creating a patio in the country
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Patio types

Form for the patio is chosen based on the functional requirements for it. This may be one of the options:

  • angular patio (includes L- or U-form structure of the site);
  • patio, equipped вдоль the wallsы building;
  • multilevel patio;
  • balcony patio located on the roof;
  • patio solarium;
  • front door patio.

Angle view arrangement площадки для relaxationа характеризует ограниченное с трех сторон the room. Такой вариант registration не особенно удобен, но он делает патио очень уютным и тихим.

Patio arrangementЧаще всего открытую комнату для relaxationа сооружают in the backyard around the perimeter of the house. Of course, this area is less closed to the surrounding space, but with its finishing you can experiment - for example, to make an additional door leading from the gazebo directly into the bedroom.

On small дачных участках лучше всего делать многоуровневые patio. Они добавляют дополнительную территорию, которую можно использовать в различных хозяйственных нуждах и не только.

On крышах зданий очень удобно оборудовать бассейны с местами для принятия солнечных ванн. Однако перед началом работ стоит посоветоваться со специалистом, чтобы избежать неприятных последствий.

Well, as for front door patio, it can be called a more modern alternative to the front garden. On it you can arrange a variety of plants and flowers, complementing the design of neat stone paths. And, of course, additional lighting also does not hurt.

Дачный патио: варианты и идеи registration

Создать pad для relaxationа на свежем воздухе можно различными способами. Design A patio doesn't stop at a few ideas, it can be unique and original. Site design begins with the selection of the site. The patio can be surrounded by one or two walls, or it may not have any restraints.

Almost any material will be suitable for creating a design, ranging from beautiful decorative stones to ordinary brick. Here, everything will depend directly on the desired result.

How to make a patioGreat idea for a patio fenced with a railing - arranging fireplace. Такая деталь придаст уголку для relaxationа дополнительного уюта. К тому же в прохладные вечера можно будет греться у огня и наслаждаться замечательным времяпровождением.

Чтобы придать площадке более живой вид, рекомендуется украшать ее живыми раthe wallsиями. Цветы прекрасно дополнят кирпичные the wallsы, а лианы на каменных сооружениях будут выглядеть так, словно они находятся в настоящих джунглях. В общем, подбор of plants for a street room - a great opportunity to experiment and let your imagination wander

Since the patio - the room, being in the open air, it will be very useful if, with the help of furniture, to emphasize its unity with nature. For these purposes, preference is given. natural furniture from wood. The set, consisting of a dining table and a few chairs, will create a wonderful atmosphere for daily breakfast in nature with the whole family.

Creating a patio in the country

Standard патио принято сооружать на фоне задней the wallsы дачного дома. Такой способ предполагает, что playground будет хотя бы с одной стороны защищена. Остальные части местности можно окружить ограждениями в виде дополнительных the wallsок или деревьев, но это необязательно. Удобство патио, примыкающего к зданию, заключается в возможности сделать выход из здания, ведущий сразу на задний двор.

He patted the daughtersIt does not matter if there is not enough home near the walls free пространства. В этом случае можно сделать патио в любом другом уголке дачного участка, например, в саду. Главное — чтобы playground для relaxationа выглядела уютной и огороженной. В целях придания ощущения защищенности можно создать вокруг уличной комнаты живую изгородь из веток шиповника и винограда.

For the patio is not necessarily the presence the walls, but the flooring must still be present. When laying platforms, it is common to use strong and durable materials like this:

  • tree;
  • paving slabs;
  • concrete;
  • a rock.

Onпольное покрытие из wood it looks quite beautiful, and when it is treated with antiseptics, it also becomes very resistant to use. To facilitate the installation of such a coating, you can purchase ready-made plates consisting of wooden planks fastened together.

About the benefits paving slabs surely all developers know. It is actively used in the construction of urban park-pedestrian areas, as well as for laying tracks on the suburban areas. The reasons for such a high popularity are very respectful - paving slabs are indeed very strong and durable material, while they are characterized by low cost.

Concrete plates will be an excellent economical option for flooring. They are available in various shapes, shades and sizes, so they can be successfully used to create original patio design. The only forbidden move when laying concrete slabs - the use of material is too bright colors.

Especially elegant flooring will create with stone. Plates of this material are not only aesthetically good, but also striking in their characteristics. In addition, on rainy days, the stone cover will not slip.

Patio arrangement

Patio arrangementTo start laying pad under the patio, you must first prepare the foundation. This is done as follows:

  • the selected area is fenced along the contour with pegs;
  • about 20 cm of soil is removed at the future site;
  • the recess formed is filled with wet sand;
  • sand cushion rammed ram and additionally watered.

The resulting plot needs a bit to rise above ground level due to the mound.

When the preparation of the foundation for the flooring is completed, you can proceed to the immediate formation site This process will also be executed in several actions:

  • on the sand pillow fit basic material (brick, wooden plates, concrete or stone slabs). At the same time, it is necessary to make small slopes towards the edges of the water drainage area;
  • playground is upholstered along the contour limiters in the form of wooden bars;
  • flooring seams sealed up by sand.

Additionally, you can install a polycarbonate canopy over the finished platform to protect it from the influence of weather conditions. It is desirable that it was translucent. For such purposes, suitable and conventional awning, but if you want you can build a similar structure yourself, using polycarbonate or glass.

Finishing work

Patio decorationPlot с уже готовым напольным покрытием ничего не значит, пока на нем ничего не располагается. Патио — место для relaxationа и приятного времяпровождения, поэтому он обязательно должен быть оформлен со смыслом.

The first is to place on the site furniture. It can be very diverse, ranging from a couple of chairs complete with a table and ending with all kinds of benches and lounge chairs. In any case, in addition to the external design of furniture, you need to pay attention to its performance characteristics:

  • Слишком прочная furniture с коваными деталями принесет лишние хлопоты, так как из-за большого веса ее будет not easy to transport;
  • Warm chairs and wood chairs look very attractive, but they poorly tolerated the influence of weather conditions, which affects their operational life;
  • Wicker furniture is particularly light in weight, but it also not inferior forged products in strength.

Следующий важный пункт в оформлении патио — выбор of plants. Озеленение площадки может происходить в виде создания hedges, or simply using ordinary potted flowers.

Evening relaxation on your own patio - a special treat. In the dark of the day in the summer, it is mostly always warm, so you can have a great time with your guests at the comfortably equipped playground. The key to a pleasant evening, of course, is artificial lighting. Several dozens of multi-colored solar garden lamps that adorn the perimeter of the garden plot and the patio area as well will make the cottage even more stylish and cozy than it really is.

On the one hand, the patio has become a trend fashionwhich is gradually being introduced into the construction as a unique type of design. But on the other hand, each developer approaches the design of the backyard with a soul, trying to put into it as much as possible the warmth of the hearth. Patio is, above all, a work of art. He is able to transform the suburban area, adding to it a modicum of perfection.