Arbors for giving from polycarbonate

Pergolas from polycarbonateЧто может быть прекраснее, чем проводить теплые летние вечера на собственном дачном участке? Особым комфортом могут похвастаться обладатели дачных беседок. Это замечательное сооружение позволит в полной мере наслаждаться природой и, в то же время, предоставит достаточно cozy защиту от летнего зноя или дождя.

Arbor is a small architectural structure that blends harmoniously into the landscape design. Such a structure serves as a cozy and comfortable place for gatherings in the open air. It is also a beautiful decoration of the local area or the dacha.


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Features polycarbonate arbors

There are many varieties of pavilions. They differ in form, capacity, material of manufacture. Simple enough, but, at the same time, the option of arbor from polycarbonate.

Such a structure has many advantages:

  1. Great standoff to the fire. Polycarbonate is a flame-retardant material and does not emit harmful toxic fumes even when burning. The melting point of the material reaches 125 degrees. This means that even the most intense heat is absolutely not at all terrible to him.
  2. Thermal insulation on the highest level. The material has a porous structure and the preservation of heat is ensured by the air gap. And if the heating is carried out, the polycarbonate gazebo will serve the hosts all year round.
  3. Diversity design forms. The material has an incredible flexibility and is light enough, you can build from it a variety of shapes.
  4. Durability. At least 10 years can do without repair.
  5. Overstrength material. Even the most snow-covered winters polycarbonate gazebo are not terrible.
  6. Excellent moisture protection.
  7. Translucency. Polycarbonate is capable of transmitting only useful light, reliably trapping harmful ultraviolet rays. In this gazebo all year round is light and cozy.
  8. Easy installation. Сооружение достаточно мобильно, так как не требует заливки foundationа. Его можно с легкостью разобрать, перенести в другое место или спрятать на хранение до следующего дачного сезона.
  9. Resilience to low temperatures. In the gazebo made of polycarbonate, you can celebrate the New Year. The material is resistant to even the worst frost.

disadvantages They are also available, but they are insignificant and are easily removable with proper installation. At temperature drops, polycarbonate tends to expand.

The cost of arbors and polycarbonate

Differences gazebos from polycarbonatePolycarbonate gazebo - relatively fun cheap. Хотя цена может зависеть от качества материала, размера и формы самой конструкции. Например, небольшая беседка с крышей из polycarbonate может стоить до 15 000 рублей. Price на более сложные и качественные конструкции может доходить до 200 000 рублей. Однако это все равно во много раз дешевле, чем беседки из дерева. Даже самая простая и небольшая деревянная конструкция стоит, как правило, около 100 000 рублей. Price for metal gazebos can vary from 30,000 to 300,000 rubles. Stone arbors are considered to be the most reliable and durable, but the price for them compared to all other species is quite high. Arbors from a natural stone cost about 500 000 rubles.

Polycarbonate gazebo do it yourself

Беседку из polycarbonate вполне можно построить personally. However, it is necessary to know the specifics of the whole process.

First you need to decide on stages performance of work. The construction of any structure involves:

  • availability of the project drawing;
  • selection of the required material;
  • installation of the object itself;
  • decorating it.

Of of tools for the construction of gazebos made of polycarbonate may be needed:

  • pliers;
  • drill;
  • gloves;
  • welding machine;
  • bolts;
  • nuts;
  • screwdriver.

The ideal place to install the gazebo is flat playgroundremote from garden plants and preferably under the crown of a tree.

Construction of arbors from polycarbonatePolycarbonate is a fairly popular building material for landscaping, as it can take any form. As a rule, this material is applied to metal or forged. frame. Pergolas made of polycarbonate are open or closed. In the first case, polycarbonate serves only as a roof. However, this option is not suitable for rainy or cold weather. In the second case, leaving only open entrance in the arbor.

After the arbor drawing has been drawn up, it is necessary to choose polycarbonate. This material is somewhat similar to glass, but it still has all the properties of the polymer. The rich color range does not affect the quality of the material.

Беседку из polycarbonate можно установить и на foundation. This design is more reliable and solid. But you can choose an option and easier, which is also great for building a cozy place to relax. In this case, the installation of bearing pipes for laying the foundation structure. First you need to mark the territory where the gazebo will be installed. Then dig the wells of the required diameter and place the support tubes in them, fix the structure with cement and leave it for several days until dry. You can also pour concrete area under the gazebo. This can be done simultaneously with the fastening of pipes.

As for the frame, it may consist of separate items or a single finished design. Individual elements can also be installed by one person, but a whole group of people may be needed to install a complete unit. The frame can be fixed by welding or bolts. The use of both options ensures the reliability and durability of the structure. That is, you must first tighten the bolts, and then weld the seams. Consider one important point - roof must necessarily be sloping, sealed and not have even the slightest clearance. To do this, it is necessary to install special slats, cuffs and gaskets.

Arbor decoration

Arbor decorationThe inside of the arbor can be equipped with benches and a table. And it is better that they have a solid mount from the inside rather than portable. Most of all for the internal filling is suitable treated wood.

Decorate such an arbor can be a variety of ways. It all depends on the desire and taste of the owner.

Undoubtedly, a polycarbonate gazebo is a great solution for those who, without much effort and financial investment, want to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside. It's so nice to spend time with close people in an informal setting under the light chirping of birds and the alluring rustling of foliage. And in such a gazebo can be around the clock. After all, she is not afraid of either torrential rain, or scorching heat, or even a blizzard. Such a magical design can be located on any land plot.


If speak about practicality and convenience, the gazebo made of polycarbonate fits perfectly into the landscape design. As for polycarbonate as a material, it surpasses plastic in strength and translucency while protecting it from harmful ultraviolet radiation. In our garden the polycarbonate gazebo looks great.


To install the gazebo, I purchased a bronze-colored polycarbonate. There was a choice between a milky and a bronze color. It is believed that beige shades worse ultraviolet miss. Although the shadow of a bronze color is much richer, so I preferred this particular shade. And even in the hottest afternoon, there is a lot of shade in the gazebo, it is cool and comfortable. Stayed very pleased material. Despite the fact that the joints are not perfect and there are holes in the roof, even during heavy rain you can safely be in the gazebo and enjoy the healing smell of ozone.


Just adore our cozy беседку из polycarbonate. Нельзя сказать, что мы в ней умираем от жары. Может потому, что наш дачный участок со всех сторон обдувается ветрами. Но мы можем не выходить из нее часами. И обедаем в ней, и в игры играем, и просто отдыхаем. И даже в сильный дождь в ней сухо, уютно и комфортно.