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MinitractorTo spend time at the cottage is always nice. In winter, you can walk through the snow-covered forest or spend time soaking up by the fireplace. In the summer you can read a book, lying in a hammock and admiring the flower beds with flowers, sunbathe on an even, beautiful lawn or barbecue.

However, so that the flowerbeds are beautiful, and the lawn is flat and well-groomed, the homeowner needs to exert so much effort that, perhaps, there is no time left for “reading, sunbathing and frying”. So that everything would not be so sad, and the dacha was a joy to its owner, and there is a special type of agricultural equipment - a mini-tractor.


  • 1 What is a mini tractor?
  • 2 Riders
  • 3 Garden mini tractors
  • 4 Price Range
  • 5 Highlights when choosing a mini tractor
  • 6 Features of operation of a garden mini tractor

What is a mini tractor?

Mini tractor called reduced copy his adult counterpart - the usual tractor for agricultural work. The main characteristics of this technique include the following:

  • reduced unit weight;
  • less fuel consumption;
  • high enough performance;
  • financial availability to a wide range of buyers;
  • compactness;
  • economy in maintenance.

Currently, the agricultural machinery market offers consumers mainly two kinds mini tractors are riders and garden tractors.


RiderSmall and low-power equipment The main purpose of which is mowing grass and mowing lawns. The use of such equipment is very effective in small gardens and land turf coated where heavy equipment just can't get through.

Riders comfortable and simple in operation. With their help, you can mow the grass without harming the lawn surface. Set additional nozzles which is acquired together with the rider, will help to effectively fertilize or remove the cut grass.

Garden mini tractors

Garden TractorThis technique highly functional and can perform a large list of works. The competence of this technique is the most various works both in winter and in summer. It is used not only in gardening works, but also in country building and communications.

Also, these units are successfully applied pet care and when carrying out any landscape works.

As attachments for carrying snow removal in winter, you can equip your equipment with a blade, a brush, a snow blower and a reagent and sand spreader. Blade will help clear the road from the snow, and the brush will sweep away what the blade cannot remove. The snow blower can be used for cleaning stale snow and snowdrifts. Rotary models of snow blowers are able to cope with snow cover up to 0.5 meters high. The general rule - the height of the snowdrift should not be higher rotor height and clearance. Spreader fan sprays reagents, leaving no chance for snow to survive.

In summer, the function of a mini tractor much wider and more diverse. A large list of possible attachments can help the owner of any gardening works:

  • cultivators will prepare the soil for planting vegetables in the garden;
  • potato planter;
  • The excavator and potato digger will solve all the problems with growing potatoes;
  • in the garden, rotary and chain mowers will cut the grass without causing serious damage to the lawn surface, and the chain aggregate will easily cope with weeds and bushes;
  • excavator bucket will help in the landing of krupnomerov and digging trenches for laying communications or pouring the foundation.

Price range

Husqvarna CTH 224T mini tractorToday the market offers wide selection mini tractors with different characteristics, the price of which varies in the range from 300 thousand rubles to a million. A good garden tractor will cost the potential owner in the amount from 150 to 250 thousand rubles.

Korea production unit can cost a sum from 600 to 900 thousand rubles. The technology of this country of origin perfectly recommended themselves as a reliable assistant in agricultural work. The existing service centers in Russia carry out the necessary maintenance work. The life of the Korean technology reaches 20 years.

European-made mini tractors (Kubota, JohnDeere, Goldini) are on a par with Korean manufacturers for quality and comfort use of technology. Aggregates also proved to be excellent. However, they cost much more and are not available to customers with average financial opportunities. In addition, there is the likelihood of delays in the supply of spare parts.

The issue of buying a used mini tractor should be considered in detail. Probably, such equipment will initially be cheaper, but there is always a chance that you will often have to search and change parts, which will require additional costs. For example, for japanese minitractor second-hand will not have service support and it is difficult to find the instruction manual in Russian. In any case, the used equipment has already regularly worked for several years with the previous owner, and the development of a service life with continuous repairs and replacement parts will fall to the share of the new one.

Highlights when choosing a mini tractor

When choosing garden equipment for their own needs, experts recommend paying attention to a whole list of parameters and characteristics.

  1. Tractor MTD 175Tractor power. It is necessary to proceed from the proposed list of works on the garden plot. If it is supposed to cultivate the land in a small area (up to 0.5 hectares), mow the lawn and transport small loads, a small garden unit will suffice. If it is necessary to dig trenches, carry building materials and remove snow, it is better to purchase a tractor with a capacity of 20 liters or more. with. and more.
  2. Dimensions. The size of the tractor should allow it to move freely around the site and drive into the garage without harming the lawn and vegetation.
  3. Tractor weight. Heavy equipment is always better than light, but if you need a tractor to maintain a garden, vegetable garden or a small construction site, it is better to choose a model weighing up to 1 ton. In general, experts recommend in this matter to build on the optimal ratio of the following type: 40-50 kg of tractor weight per liter. with.
  4. Transmission. It is better to resolve the issue with the help of a professional, but it is worth noting that mechanical models are preferable for gardening works, while an automatic machine is more suitable for mowing the lawn and cleaning the snow.
  5. Equipment. There are components and parts, the presence of which will effectively affect the quality of the mini-tractor.
  6. PTO (PTO), the main function of which is to transfer torque to the elements of attachments.
  7. Cassette mechanism, allowing you to make the process of replacing attachments hassle-free.
  8. Three point hinged mechanism for installation of universal equipment.
  9. Hydrostatic transmission (automatic transmission) will allow the tractor to control even a layman.
  10. Hydraulic valves and hydraulic pump performance, will allow installing additional hydraulic equipment on the tractor and increase the overall performance of the unit.
  11. Four-wheel drive, heated cabin, additional lighting, mechanisms to facilitate control (power steering) etc.

Features of operation of a garden minitractor

In order for the minitractor to serve faithfully for as long as possible, it is necessary to follow some necessary rules and recommendations:

  • after the work is necessary without fail checkwhether fuel, oil, or water leaks have occurred;
  • need to constantly monitor levels of engine and transmission oil, fuel in the fuel tank, liquid for cooling;
  • the air filter must be clean;
  • need to to control coolant level in the radiator;
  • need to follow for the density of the wheels on the axles;
  • air pressure in the wheel tires should be sufficient.

MTD MiniRider 60At the beginning of the work should be given to the engine time to warm up (5−7 minutes), and only then you can move on to higher loads. During operation, you need to follow the "voice" of the engine. With slightest change need to stop work and conduct inspection.

If the tractor did not work for a long time, it is necessary to carry out full maintenance. Then for some time it is necessary to operate the equipment in a sparing mode. Installation of spare parts and attachments that are designed for a more powerful tractor model is not allowed. This can be done only for a while, otherwise you can’t avoid the failure of the tractor itself. For the equipment to work properly, efficiently and as long as possible, spare parts and attachments are best purchased from authorized dealers manufacturing company.

The use of a mini-tractor for gardening, construction and landscape works at its summer cottage will allow the landowner with minimal cost time, effort, labor and money to get an excellent area for relaxation and good time.