Street lights to give

Street lightsUp until the beginning of the 15th century, people did not have a habit, and, probably, the object itself, with which it would be possible to cover the night streets. Only when for the first time the mayor of London issued a decree on the need to hang lanterns in the winter on dark city trails, did the sleeping earth gradually begin to fill in the "magic glow" of guiding lights.

The history of the creation of a lantern, as well as the majority of useful items in the modern world, is interesting and complex in its own way. And today we do not imagine how it is possible to live comfortably in total darkness, as our distant ancestors once lived. Previously, the fire in the cave meant the preservation of life, scaring off various uninvited guests attacking under cover of night. Maybe that is why most of the modern inhabitants of the planet sleep more quietly at night, knowing that at least a small, but “ray of sunshine” is burning outside.

And even more so, the need to purchase and install a flashlight arises in out-of-town conditions, where the usual neon lighting of city streets is absent and the appearance of a light source ensures not only the safety of the passage to the door, but also, in part, assumes the functions of protection from thieves. In addition, a competent design of the layout of the backlight will create pleasant atmosphere and reveal the beauty and magic of all the colors of the night.


  • 1 Varieties of country lamps
  • 2 Brief characteristics
  • 3 Selecting a street light
  • 4 A lot or a little light in the country - which is better?
  • 5 The lamp to give their own hands

Varieties of country lamps

LampAll lighting devices for street space are divided according to the goals assigned to them at the time of purchase. There are two main lantern functions - direct illumination of dark areas and lighting as a decorative element in the created landscape design. In the first case, such a lamp will serve as a guide and assistant to prevent falling and getting injured on dangerous sections of the road and the surrounding area, the latter are designed to turn an ordinary summer cottage into a work of light art with fabulous cozy energy.

Also, all the lights are divided by fastening methods and location. There are such lighting devices:

  • wall mounted;
  • ground;
  • floor lamps;
  • mushroom;
  • portable;
  • floating
  • pendant, including in the form of garlands.

By the nature of the source used light emit:

  • lanterns with an ordinary incandescent lamp;
  • LED;
  • energy saving light bulbs and batteries powered by solar energy.

Brief characteristics

Returning to the topic of varieties of garden lamps, we have already mentioned their main functional capabilities - safety and the ways of using them as a decoration dash for all garden design. In addition, many types of luminaires can combine both these tasks, for example, wall lights.

Giving the interior of the garden and giving refinement with functional lighting of the stairs at the front door, compactness, originality of execution are of decisive importance in the selection of such lighting devices. As a variety, there are floodlight type wall lamps used to ensure the protection of the suburban area due to the possibilities of large coverage of the surrounding area. Wide price range from 500 to 5000 rubles and more due to the complexity of technology implementation and directly depends on the material of manufacture.

Wider popularity and use are gaining floor lamps. Simple in design and freedom of fastening in the right place, perfectly suited for unobtrusive lighting as a walk-through places, denoting the contours of alleys or garden paths, and secluded areas for recreation. The cost of one unit of a similar product ranges from from 3000 rubles.

Mushroom lightsAs a kind of decorative floor lamp, you can find on sale mushroom-shaped country lanterns, allowing you to create a fabulous light due to the property of reflection of rays from the inner mirror surface of the cap of the device.

Light cylinder, a pedestal or a column is similar to a floor lamp device, but they look more original and concise, allowing you to achieve high-tech style in the environment and characterizing the owner of the summer house as an advanced and stylish designer.

However, for the contour designation of the track, you can use cheaper ground lightswhich are placed at the edges or directly into the road surface, giving light rays from bottom to top, beautifully highlighting the plant or architectural landscape objects above them. Similar devices can be found for 800 rubles and above.

If there is a place for mounting in the gazebo or terrace, you can purchase an inexpensive one from 350 rubles. "Street chandelier"which will also help to pass uncomfortable dark evenings in an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

To designate the pond or pool available at the site, the designers came up with floating glowing ballsmade of plastic or glass, gently highlighting the texture of night water. They can also be used on the lawn as an original piece of decor.

Garden lights and lampsLuminous benches, flowerpots, flower pots and other decorative elements will decorate their space not only at night, but also during the daytime.

Due to the presence of such a wide choice among lighting devices, it is quite easy to choose a lamp in the necessary stylistic design. Here, the main thing is not to overdo it. Yes, and if you wish, you can always seek the advice of professionals in the design art, organizing in their garden and summer cottage paradisethat meets the requirements of comfort and individuality.

Selecting a street light

When deciding whether to buy a country lantern, it is necessary to determine not only the type of device, but also to find out its advantages and technical capabilities. The important point is natural climate places of operation of the lamp, the frequency of rain, snow, wind and temperature changes. For a long service life in such cases it is worth paying attention to the quality characteristics of the materials used in the manufacture, as well as the complexity of the repair and self-installation with the ability to transfer the device in the future. The high safety of using such lamps is also important.

And, of course, do not forget about used light lamps. A standard incandescent lamp is the cheapest, but it will consume a lot of electricity when working, and also will not allow achieving the effect of a soft glow.

Garden lightsPopularity is also gaining lights with a solar battery due to the convenience and efficiency of their use.

Costly energy-saving light bulbs when using them fully justify its name.

A more economical and long-lasting LED will help to achieve the required luminescence option, emphasizing and ensuring all the requirements of the design idea. Therefore, this type of lamp is increasingly used in night illumination, including in private areas.

With maximum consideration of the main points, it is much easier to choose a particular model, having previously thought out for yourself the preferred parameters when using an outdoor lamp.

A lot or a little light in the country - which is better?

At the planning stage of the arrangement of the garden, it is immediately necessary to think about future lighting. Using light accents, marking paths, a pool and a gazebo, as well as a flower bed, will require wiring to future light points. However, with the active use of such a multiple illumination, an invoice for electricity consumption can be an unpleasant surprise.

With the already created design landscape, you can buy portable rechargeable lights. But they are not without negative qualities. Take, at least, a quick discharge in frost or low light in rain.

Therefore, one should pay attention to the subtleties of operation that are important in each particular case.

Lighting areaAs such, the rules of lighting the garden-dacha does not exist. It all depends on the individual characteristics and preferences of the owner of the villa, as well as the size and configuration of the site. But there are certain rules for installing lighting fixtures:

  • the higher you plan to install the flashlight, the more powerful should be lighting element device;
  • the lower the power, the more lighting is required if good lighting is required.

To save on the cost of light sources, you can use motion sensorsRelay to adjust the degree of illumination, additional reflectors. It all depends on the goals and artistic ideas of the author, if any. Illumination of 1-6 Lk is quite sufficient for a comfortable stay on the street of a small garden plot.

Decorative lighting or ordinary lighting of the villa territory for the safety of being outdoors in the dark will emphasize the features and individuality of each garden area, allowing you to create or improve the comfort of being in your green recreation area at any time. Correct alignment of light accents make dark areas attractive, leaving an unforgettable experience of simply contemplating the play of light and shadow.

The lamp to give their own hands