Prosperity interios: a house for three generations

Oksana Korotkina, studio Prosperity Interios, designed a suburban house near Moscow. Here lives a family of three generations: the owners, their adult son, his wife and daughter of five years. Particular attention is paid to the authors rational design. The house is three-storied. On an area of ​​400 square meters. meters placed functional zones that meet the interests of all family members.

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On the ground floor there is an entrance hall, living room, guest bedroom, kitchen, guest bathroom. It also has a gym and spa. Private rooms occupied the second floor - for the four separate bedrooms created two spacious bathrooms with bathrooms.

The theme of nature - has become the main wish of the owners to design the interior. “Customers love to travel, but they always look forward to returning home, where they love every corner of the house and garden, created with love,” designers summarize the result of their work.

На первом этаже — покраска. Cвой выбор дизайнеры остановили на продукции британского бренда Farrow & Ball. Accent - a picture with the image of a girl in profile harmoniously fits into the color palette of the interior. The fireplace in the living room is an integral part of a country house. The place where the whole family gathers is decorated with flowers not only in vases, but also in frames on the wall. Art for the interior is selected in the gallery of modern art Smart. Placed in the center of the ceiling, the chandelier by means of a strict form conveys the idea of ​​a refined suite. Art for the interior is selected in the gallery of modern art Smart. Armchairs in a heavenly shade add lightness and freshness to the warm atmosphere of the living room. On the second floor, wallpaper with an active floral ornament reinforces the connection between the interior and the exterior. The carpet ornament is associative with the Art Nouveau stylistics due to ornate natural lines. The decor of the coffee table. Fresh flowers are an important element of decor in every room. The landscape in the graphic on the wall also tells about nature. In contrast with the other works of artists creates an accent, but does not take on much attention. The texture of the curtains in the bedroom resembles a marble pattern and blends perfectly with the emerald and turquoise colors of the textile decor. Fragment of bedroom decor. The decor is present in every room.

At the second level, we designed another living room, which is designed for family fun. On the third floor there are recreation areas: billiards, a cinema, a children's playroom, the owner’s office. As well as a utility room and a large walk-in closet. Floral motifs and warm colors also predominate in the decoration.

The massive headboard of the bed creates additional vertical volume and adds a feeling of softness and comfort. Fragment of bedroom decor. Front view of one of the bedrooms. Textile bedroom decor. Pillows with the image of the beloved pet owner took their seats in the chairs and on the couch. Abstract watercolor work on the wall in the lines repeats the curves of the branches on the wallpaper. But it contrasts in color and mood, attracting attention to itself. Texil on pillows repeats the pattern of wallpaper. Gently yellow curtains warm the space by letting in the light from the window. Kitchen set in a classic mood. All equipment is hidden behind the facades. The slab is delicately embedded in a beige shade marble countertop. The unusual transparent lamp of round shape harmoniously fits into the reserved space of the bathroom with an emphasis on the classics. The owner of the house for more than 10 years collects figures of dogs of the breed of dachshunds: figures of dachshunds have found their place on the coffee tables, you can see the dachshund in the bathroom. Fragment of the decor of one of the bedrooms, Cold shade curtains combined with a warm palette of furniture upholstery.

Oksana Korotkina graduated from Moscow State University of Design and Technology (formerly known as the Kosygin Textile Academy), then the “Details” school. Their joint studio with Julia Kopytina, Prosperity Interiors, has already celebrated its tenth anniversary.