Minotti furniture: luxury made in italy

Factory specialization - expensive furniture of strict forms and first-class quality. In this field, Minotti has successful competitors-compatriots. The uniqueness of the proposal is that none of the brand’s models form such an ideal ensemble. It is possible to furnish the whole house with items of a factory, and it will look diverse, elegant and hardly resemble a showroom.

In the 1950s, the company was founded by Italian furniture maker Alberto Minotti. Since the 60s, the company has shifted from craft production to industrial production and increased the scale of its activities. In the 70s, the sons of the owner, the brothers Renato and Roberto, took the business to a new level. The key event was the invitation in 1997 for the post of art director of the Milan architect Rodolfo Dordoni. Until today, he tirelessly comes up with new items and hones the unique style of the brand. Able to combine in one subject up to seven different textures and finishes. The range of the factory includes sofas, armchairs, modular programs for living rooms and bedrooms, book racks, tables. They all use hundreds of materials that go well together. For convenience of choice, the Material Box was developed - a set of samples of wood, finishes in glossy and matte varnish, metals, marble, glass. Thanks to this “tool” punctures in combination of textures and shades are practically excluded. Each new collection is accompanied by a proposal for fabrics and upholstery (wool, cotton, velvet, mohair, cashmere, leather) - the development of the design bureau Minotti Style Office.

Minotti is one of the few European companies that, even in a crisis, has retained the scale of ambition. Annually, it presents not one or two new items, but a full-fledged successful collection, which reflects the latest trends of the market. So, recently in the design of the brand appeared retro motifs of the 1950s, which have recently become superactuals - they are evident in the series Aston, Leslie, Seymour. The fundamental step was the development of the direction in / outdoor. His perspectives have already been appreciated by many furniture makers: manufactured furniture items are suitable for use both in the interior and on the street. Minotti prepared the Aston collection in a special version of Cord Outdoor (metal in polyester lacquer, waterproof upholstery), and then added the Riviera program, which reinterprets the traditional Mediterranean style: it combines non-afraid iroko wood and woven polypropylene cord, crafted with craft skill and grace. No less than the flawless forms and luxurious finishes of its chairs and sofas, the company prides itself, for example, on the fact that its outdoor furniture has removable upholstery that can be washed at a temperature of forty degrees rather than thirty, like its competitors have. Such nuances also confirm the high level of the brand.

Haring table, 2015. Material: metal 6 mm, satined finish for copper, handmade. Armchair from the series Leslie. Haring table, 2015. Material: metal 6 mm, satined finish for copper, handmade. Denny's chair, 2013. Cast aluminum legs, upholstery: fabric. Carpet Dibbets rainbow, 2013. Color Boreal. Diam 3.5 or 5 m. Spenser bed, 2013. Variations of the style of the 60–70s. Raymond tables, 2013. Chrome-plated metal, lacquered table tops in three colors. Rack Dalton, 2015. Rosewood, glossy varnish, vertical racks of metal White sofa, 2013. The contrast of leather upholstery of the color of clay and beige upholstery fabric. Net table, 2013. Leg made of polyurethane, tabletop - stained oak with an underlined texture. Modular sofa Yang, 2015, is a real find for owners of spacious apartments and country houses. It is possible to integrate tables. Like other models, the sofa was created by designer and art director of the brand Rodolfo Dordoni. The Catlin table range (2015): basic shapes plus refined finishes. The base combines painting with black lacquer with a chrome-plated or gold-plated coating, the table top is made of smoky glass or marble. The Elliott table (2015) is available in different sizes, in any case the main accent is a marble top. The choice of stone grades are Purple Arabesque, Sahara Noir, Rosso Levanto. Gold plating is applied by electroplating. The Elliott series is also available in the outdoor version. The modular program Seymour (2015) makes it possible to create a sofa of various configurations, even such non-standard ones as in the photo. Modular sofa Yang (2015) provides maximum comfort. Pillows headboard have a flexible structure. The collection of items for seating Leslie (2015) attracts noble forms in the spirit of the 1950s and leather upholstery of impeccable quality. In the background is the console from the Aylon series: the embossed facade is made of solid oak mocha. Items of the Riviera series (2015) can be operated outdoors. They use iroko wood, weaving of polypropylene cord, moisture-resistant upholstery. Seymour sofa (2015): scale and luxury in the spirit of the American 1950s. Opposite the chair Leslie - another new product of the same year. Bed Yang (2015). Minotti factory produces not only furniture, but also bed linen and bedspreads.