Installation nendo in milan

In the space of the showroom Jil Sander designer Oki Sato (Oki Sato) showed the installation Invisible outlines.

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The famous master of atmospheric expositions and a great lover of poking over the images of the elements, Oki Sato could not just put on display his new collections. This time he decided to play with the perception of objects in space. As you know, people tend to perceive objects by following their "contours" that help recognize "inside and out." Objects with unclear outlines can not always be seen, and, conversely, if there are only contours, the missing information is drawn by the subconscious.

Exposure Invisible outlines. Exposure Invisible outlines. Exposure Invisible outlines. Exposure Invisible outlines. Exposure Invisible outlines.

The central link of the exposition is the installation “80 mountain landscapes” - a spatial image of the rocky landscape using repetitive contours. It seems that here one of the traditional Japanese landscapes of “mountains and waters” has come to life and has gained volume, translated into the language of modern design. And items from 16 new collections for Alias, Cappellini, Flos, Glas Italia and others organically woven into the exposition. Performed in white and placed on a snow-white background of the exhibition space - objects appear and disappear from view.

Project Objectextile, created in collaboration with Jil Sander. Installation Un-printed material. Exposure Invisible outlines. Collection of vaz jellyfish.

The Objectextile project, created in conjunction with Jil Sander, is a graphic illustration of how motifs are transformed from three-dimensional objects into patterns, and then into textiles. The VAZ Jellyfish collection is an attempt to establish relationships between the walls, that is, the boundaries, of the vessels and the environment in which they are immersed.