Bohostudio: apartment for young people

Elizaveta Pyshneva and Yulia Tyuryakova, Bohostudio designed an apartment of 118 square meters. meters in Kiev. Home for a married couple - two young people who are passionate about working in the it-sphere, who travel a lot and are open to non-standard solutions.

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“It’s no secret that the customers themselves play a key role in developing the interior of private housing,” say the designers. - In this project, we are very lucky.

Bedroom. A wardrobe made of metal and glass became not just a functional necessity, but also a memorable element in the interior.

We took Scandinavian interiors as the basis, with their light walls, natural wood on the floor and bright accents in furniture and decor.

Dining room, kitchen and living room combined into one room.

The apartments are located in one of the new buildings of Kiev, and, despite the rather large area of ​​the room, the space was not easy to work with.

A transparent glass partition separates the living room from the entrance area.

The original layout did not meet the requirements of customers, and the lack of right angles (and the apartment is located in the radius of the house) did not simplify the work. But, despite all the design features, we managed to make a spacious bright space with clearly defined functional areas.

The entrance hall.

First of all, we replaced the blank partition between the living room and the corridor with sliding glass doors, due to which, initially a large non-functional corridor, became part of the common space flooded with daylight.

Lamps over the kitchen island came from America (Pottery Barn).

Also removed the partition between the kitchen and living room. Combining these two rooms, we managed to place a full kitchen with a breakfast area (an island with a bar top), a dining room group and a large sofa in the TV area.

Undoubtedly, the kitchen island and chair from the Italian brand Calligaris became the brightest accents in the guest area, it was their colors that set the tone for the whole interior. Cabinet Cabinet with folding sofa. Floor lamp from the Danish brand Boconcept, Bedroom. Fragment of the bedroom.

The master bedroom is a fairly extended room, in which we have entered a separate volume in the form of a wardrobe. Due to this non-standard solution, the room looks more proportionate and harmonious.

Fragment of the cabinet. Cabinet with two symmetrical jobs. Fragment of the bedroom.

In the study, the problem with the elongation of the room and the diverging walls, manifested itself even more. The difference between the latitudes of the walls of the room was more than 40 cm. It was this design feature that pushed us to an interesting solution with an inscribed cubic volume, which visually divided the room into two equal zones. And thanks to the podium, this room has become a favorite gaming area among the younger guests of the apartment owners.

A special role in the interior is given to the decor, because just small details set the right mood and add personality to the home.

Bathrooms (and there are two of them in the apartment) are quite restrained, but not boring. And in the guest bathroom was not without interesting details, for example, a mirror in a leather frame from Gubi.

The bathroom is decorated with a mirror from Gubi. На стенах и полу плитка испанских брендов Equipe и Vives ceramica, сантехника Villeroy&Bosch, умывальники и тумбы Duravit. In the main bathroom, the accent was a large metal lamp with a counterweight in the loft style, which adds comfort even to such a utilitarian room.

Despite the originally announced Scandinavian style, we selected components from brands from around the world. So the Italian furniture Calligaris (chairs, armchairs, carpet), a table, a TV stand and bedside tables from the Ukrainian brand Woodwerk appeared in the interior, and of course there were some democratic Swedish brands.

Authors of the project: Julia Tyuryakova, Elizaveta Pyshneva, Bohostudio.

The whole decor of the Scandinavian brands came from Svetoria, and Vramke did the artwork. The interior also has many elements made by Ukrainian craftsmen on individual projects - Woodmaker carpentry, Hommie upholstered furniture, Combinanta realized the metal wardrobe, Mylight built-in light. ”