"woman decides"

apartment of architect Mikhail Lopatin

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov, Ekaterina Morgunov

Stylist: Nina Mahmurova

Architect: Mihail Lopatin

Magazine: (92) 2005

Mihail Lopatin родился в Москве. Учился в разных институтах (МИИГАИК, МИСИ): "искал себя" - шутит Михаил. Потом было художественное училище, потом Строгановка, которую окончил в 1987 году. Mihail Lopatin автор многочисленных частных домов и квартир в России, Италии и Испании, а также общественных интерьеров во Франции. В настоящее время - художественный руководитель архитектурного бюро "Акант" The apartment of the architect is located in a newly renovated 19th century house in one of the lanes of Sretenka. It occupies the attic floor (from the windows you can see the sky and the roofs of houses with smoking chimneys) and subtly combines light, slightly nostalgic romance and modern pragmatism. High ceilings (5 meters in the ridge) made it possible to organize a two-level space, increasing the mezzanine floor space by 50 square meters. m. On the mezzanine leads the stairs, decorated with exquisite forging. On the first level are the entrance hall, guest bathroom, lounge, dining room and kitchen, as well as a block of private rooms: a study, three bedrooms and a bathroom. A dining table made of dark brown walnut and chairs covered in leather of contrasting white color conditionally demarcate the space of the hall and serve as a smooth transition to a soft area with cozy chairs and a sofa. The second level is designed as a relaxation area with shower and sauna. It is solved in the same range, but the colors "sound" half a tone below. Solid mirror wall of the second level visually increases the area of ​​the mezzanine. Although the rooms of the first and second levels are functionally different, they are much in common: soft colors, soft forms of furniture, attention to detail. "A mosaic panel of marble of warm shades that decorates the floor in the hallway, a tree in the living room, a light staircase fence made in modern style reminds of the Mediterranean. In general, the image of the interior was inspired by Spain - I made a villa in Girona. But, I confess, very much - My wife explains that it’s more about the co-authorship of two creative people, ”explains Michael.“ For example, a bedroom that was solved in a fashionable combination of muted red and faded green, was my wife’s idea. the brown shades. " Four years ago, looking for suitable housing, Mikhail and his wife saw an old house and decided to buy an apartment there. The son of Michael (by the way, the future architect) also took part in the development of the planning. According to the original drawings of Mikhail Lopatin, the staircase fence and the second level and all the furniture were made (except for the upholstered furniture from PROVASI). As the color dominant chosen shades of golden brown, which so loves the owner.Back