Villa "oasis" iva sen-lorana

Oriental motifs, modern and classically traditional colors of the villa by artist Jacques Majorelle, reconstructed by the current owners Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berger.

Passing the gallery

Materials: - (c) Philippe Saharoff

Transfer: Alexander Merzlikin

Magazine: N5 (61) 2002

The villa - a true architectural masterpiece - was built in 1924 by artist Jacques Majarel. After which she was safely redeemed by Pierre Berger and Yves Saint Laurent. The restoration was made truly inspired: its authors - Bill Willis, American decorator, who lives in Marrakech, and the famous Parisian master of his craft, Jacques Grange As a result of the reconstruction, the old building acquired an exquisite oriental flavor. Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berger wanted to preserve the original mood, which the artist once brought to this house. Therefore, the villa turned out to be modern and classically traditional. The house, hidden in the middle of the huge “Garden Majorelle”, most of which is accessible to the general public and is open to the public every day, is very simple in appearance: the building has thick walls, small holes, as is customary in Morocco, to protect against sweltering summer heat. Restorer Jacques Majorelle chose snow-white and greenish-pistachio colors for the facade. Frieze and arabesques were created according to the drawings of the former owner, an artist inspired by the works of Moroccan artisans and Kashmiri folk motifs. After the artist’s death, the house remained abandoned for a long time, until finally the current owners acquired it. After reconstruction, it became known as the “Villa Oasis". The building separates the botanical garden from the artist's former workshop - now there is a museum of Islamic art, which is constantly open to visitors. The brilliant couturier Yves Saint-Laurent became a worthy heir to the talented artist. incredible restoration work, while preserving all Oriental motifs intact, both owners are passionate collectors. In every room guests are amazed by Syrian furniture and inlays mother-of-pearl, art deco-style furniture, precious opal glass, 19th century bronze, Persian carpets, Moroccan window frames. Despite such an abundance of furniture and knick-knacks, the richness and sophistication of the ornaments, each room maintains its own color harmony. into the house through a small door with a low lintel, as is customary among Moroccans. Inside the traveler "meets" a small fountain: cool streams in the middle of a hot day are the best manifestation of hospitality. It is logical that everything else, like a continuation of the "fountain" theme, is sustained in blue tones. The front in the house of Yves Saint Laurent is decorated with a combination of red and gold. This room (the decoration of which does not correspond to its modest purpose) is pretentiously called “Pierre Loti’s Living Room”. The living room and the reception area, performed mainly in the green and ocher range, are located in a classical enfilade. The following is a magnificently decorated dining room. Slightly away from the house stands a square arbor with exactly the same pyramidal roof as the house. It seems that it "drifts" over the trees, like a float in the center of the pool. One can only guess how many sketches were born in this magical corner. Yes, the house deservedly bears its name - "Oasis". This is the home that the famous couturier loves the most, a refuge, he said, from the outside world, to which he returns again and again to rest from the frantic pace of the French fashion world.