Isaloni in moscow

Проект SALON-interior на выставке Si'alon World Wide Moscow

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov

Text: Julia Sakharova

Magazine: N1 (112) 2007

The organizers Si'alon WorldWide invited SALON-interior magazine as an interior expert. The magazine presented several concepts at the exhibition - four installations with the participation of furniture from leading factories. These are concepts, not recipes: you cannot live in such interiors, but you need to be equal to them. You can not live, for example, in a completely black interior. Or in a place where everything is built on black and white contrasts. Or in the white interior, where objects are reflected in the mirrors (it does not look like a real house, rather it looks like a decoration for Pavic's stories). Or in the turquoise room, where the idea of ​​color is brought to some absolute. You can not live in a pure idea! But this idea can (and should be!) Applied to your situation. For example, to cover the chair with velor of turquoise color - and the room will immediately become fresh. Or put a black and white dresser - and the room will instantly get intrigue. Black accessories will make any interior brighter ... And don't forget: eclecticism is in fashion!

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