Between cactus and tequila

ресторан Pancho Villa в Москве Anna Kiryakina, Anna Nikiforova

Passing the gallery

A photo: Evgeny Luchin

Text: Nadezhda Serebryakova

Architect: Anna Kiryakina, Anna Nikiforova

Painter: Rashid Safiullin

Magazine: N5 (39) 2000

The interior of the restaurant called Pancho Villa (Arbat St., 44/1), it seemed, should have some revolutionary flavor. But it is not so. About the famous revolutionary here only one small room reminds, a peculiar office of Pancho Villa. The remaining rooms reproduce the atmosphere of the colorful life of Mexican cowboys. Heavy wooden furniture, rough finish of the walls and ceilings testify far from the subtle nature of macho, and bright colors speak of their enthusiasm, good heart and romantic soul. Interestingly, the interior has acquired a similar look not only through the efforts of architects, but also thanks to the people working here. Moved by love for their restaurant, they periodically update it with new accessories in the Mexican spirit. Dressed in national costumes, the servants try to show a whole theatrical performance that takes visitors away, at least temporarily, to the intriguing world of another civilization.