The benefits of eclecticism

apartment of 160 m2

Passing the gallery

A photo: Zinon Rasudinov

Text: Andrey Presnov

Project author: Anastasia Golubeva, Natalia Zaykina

Magazine: N5 (171) 2012

The architects wanted to use as many fashion trends as possible in the interior design of this apartment, so instead of ar-dekooriginally planned, they opted for eclecticism

You can judge the interior of any house by the appearance of the living room, and its design speaks in the most eloquent way of the aesthetic preferences of the owners. But in this apartment the living room gives the viewer even more information: looking at it, it is quite easy to determine even the profession of a homeowner. In this space, which also combines the kitchen and dining room, the first thing that strikes the eye is the extensive panel on the wall. It depicts a woman with blindfolds and weights in her hands. The ancient Greek goddess symbolizes the profession of the customer: he is a young, successful lawyer. The fact that the person agreed to arrange the living room in this way testifies to his readiness for non-standard solutions.

As for the authors of the project, then, speaking about the design of the apartment, they use the phrase "luxury in a manly way". This is the working name of the direction they were trying to follow, the vector given by the customer. Initially, they chose the style as the main guideline. ar-deko, but in the end they decided to do eclecticism. The architects explained their decision by the fact that the mixture of styles allows you to get a more versatile interior, maximally take into account fashion trends in it, combine classic furniture with modern. But in the design of the space there are many references to ar-deko. Furniture of laconically curved forms, expensive materials, color range, dominated by thick brown tones and gold of all shades, remind of this style. Marble, onyx, exotic wood, used to finish many rooms, add respectability to the apartment. In addition, ethnic motifs were woven into the interior. The leopard upholstery fabric on the armchair, the skin of the bear and the bar in the room with a fireplace, upholstered in crocodile skin are all minor touches, but thanks to such exotic design of the apartment looks much more interesting.

Anastasia Golubeva: “Mixing many styles in the same space is a very advantageous technique. Eclectic allows you to combine any fashion trends in the interior, so in the end we came to her and refused to do only ar-deko»