Studio for female students

apartment with a total area of ​​76 m2 Nataliya Eliseeva

Passing the gallery

A photo: Evgeny Luchin

Text: Julia Sakharova

Architect: Natalia Eliseeva

Builder: Yuri Cherkashin

Magazine: N6 (84) 2004

This apartment belongs to a young girl student. She wanted her first own house to be just that - rationally organized, but with a sense of humor. The author of the apartment is architect Natalia Eliseeva It is known that the classic writer was twenty-five, when he summarized: "Having lived on earth to half ..." And the owner of this apartment, a young lady, is up to twenty-five (by strict classical standards, the age of maturity) is still very, very far away. So, you can soar in the clouds, build castles in the air, cherish blue dreams ... The apartment, which was made by architect Natalia Eliseeva, is very favorable for this. Planning - free, a lot of light and air, no decorative excesses. To realize the idea of ​​a free plan, I had to "tack" between the supporting structures (the column and the wall) and two ducts with engineering communications. An opening was made in the supporting wall that connected the bedroom and the dressing room. The box to the right of the entrance was camouflaged between the cupboard and the door to the bathroom. The column to the left of the entrance became the center of the public area composition. Its closed triangular box. As in the constructor, they completed the construction by moving a square dining table to one of the sides of the triangle. Another box with communications (next to the bathroom and dressing room) was hidden inside the pantry. The wall of this room at the same time is the mirror wall of the hallway. These transformations allowed the architects not only to make the inconvenient constructions functional, but also to organize a successful "navigation" around the apartment. So, the hallway, bounded by two parallel planes, orients your movement in the direction of the living room, where the home theater is equipped, and the kitchen-dining room. In the living room space there is also a mini-office. Two doors from the hallway lead to a private area located on the right side of the apartment - a bedroom and a bathroom. In addition to purely architectural techniques, the space is united by a “smart” engineering system. There are many smart solutions in this house, but the apartment still does not look too serious. The oven, for example, tries to pretend to be TV, turning in the direction of the living room. A shade of blue fabric reminiscent of denim fashion. Everything is clear, because this is the apartment of a young girl.Natalia Eliseeva: "The mistress of this apartment is a young girl, this is her first own house. I maximally opened the space of the apartment and filled it with air. In the color palette I used shades of fawn and blue, and I picked up minimalist furniture from LIGNE ROSET. joke. "