Spring vine

apartment of 150 m2 in Moscow

Passing the gallery

Text: Olga Vologdina

A photo: Alexander Medvedev

Project author: Elena Isakova

Magazine: de Luxe Classic N2 (7) 2010

The classic mood in the design of this Moscow apartment was set by luxurious swing doors in the palace style with gold leaf coating and handmade Murano glass inlays

Three famous Moscow skyscrapers are visible from the large windows of this cozy apartment. Free space, without internal partitions, was another indisputable advantage. Project author Elena Isakova I tried to place the necessary premises for the owners in the best traditions of neoclassicism. The center of the apartment became a spacious hall, into which the doors of all the rooms open. It is decorated and luxuriously furnished. On the floor is a Florentine mosaic of several types of marble, the textured surfaces of the walls are decorated with gypsum stucco with patination. The ceiling is crowned by a round ceiling illuminated around the perimeter with a fresco depicting the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. The unique palace doors (SIGE GOLD factory) with handmade gilding and Murano glass, which the hostess certainly wanted to see at home, became an inspiration for creating a classic look of the interior. The sophisticated combination of matte gold and emerald green has influenced the color scheme of the apartment. At the same time, so that the interior did not look too pompous, the architect decided to introduce notes of provenance using the vine motif. Kitchen furniture with light green, mint shade and facades was chosen in tone with the doors. Painting on textured plaster, imitating forged fences with a climbing vine, personifies wealth and prosperity.

Architect Designer Elena Isakova: “The style of the interior, the strict palace classics, was predetermined by the decor of stunningly beautiful handmade doors. Nevertheless, I didn’t want the apartment to resemble a museum, so I introduced the coziness and romanticism of a country house to the neoclassical interior, creating a kitchen in the spirit of French Provence ”