Russian classics

Palace apartments from "Sentyabrev"

Passing the gallery

A photo: Sergey Morgunov

Leading headings: Marina Volkova

Magazine: Nha (131) 2008

Palace chambers - luxurious furniture made of Karelian birch, malachite vases and bronze according to old examples "Interior Show" -2007 mark "Sentyabrev"

The concept of "classic" is traditionally associated with the Italian palazzo and French palaces. And what can be considered a Russian classic? First of all, the palaces and country residences of St. Petersburg. With a general orientation to the European tradition, appeals to antiquity, analogies with Versailles, they also have their own unique, national: unique malachite vases, striking in their size and complexity of work, headsets from Karelian birch are a real miracle of nature, works of Russian bronze craftsmen. It seems that in no other country could the Amber Room and the Malachite Hall appear. To create such works, you need tremendous experience, knowledge of materials and technology. These traditions are maintained, handed down from generation to generation. Now the masters of this level are very rare. They are usually the restorers. After all, to create an independent creation, you must first learn the properties of the material and all the nuances of possible processing. That is how the masters of the brand "SENTYABREV" began. Masters are unique, some of them have been working in the company for 17 years.

Andrei Borisovich Sentyabrev says that they can do really unique, rare things: "First-class work is always visible-verified, clear form, accurate work on every detail. Any material must be able to submit. Especially as fragile and complex as malachite and Karelian birch. They you need to very accurately match the tone, to articulate individual elements so that you get a solid picture. These materials are suitable for picturesque, sometimes you can even create a whole landscape view. By the way, I must say that our brand is the largest in m We are a producer of mosaic projects in the Russian style. We mainly create projects for individual orders, select the style and color solution of the interior. Now, for example, we have carried away Karelian birch booths, which can be tiled, for example, a study room. depending on individual wishes. "

On "INTERIOR SHOW" was the exposition of furniture for the bedroom and living room from the brand "SENTYABREV". Bed, door panels, furniture and accessories are made mostly of Karelian birch. It looks especially impressive in combination with gilded bronze. On the background of soft brown wood, bright accents stand out accessories with elements of malachite and other colored stones. Who can now say that the palaces are in the past?